Academic Journal Guide 2018 names the world’s elite business titles


Some 180 new business and management journals have been added to the Chartered Association of Business Schools Guide to academic journals 2018, reviving the debate on the role of these ratings in academia.

The guide, which is reviewed and published every three years, aims to help academics decide where they should look to have their work published by ranking journals on a scale of 1 (“modest”) to 4 *, considered as the world benchmark. “elite”.

But it is also used by many deans of business schools to make decisions about the performance of their researchers, drawing criticism from academics who say it is wrong to assess academics solely on the basis of where they post, not what they post.

This year’s list includes 1,582 journals, up from 1,402 in 2015, an increase of 13%. This time around, the focus was on evaluating the new journals added to the list, with a full re-evaluation of all listed titles expected in the 2021 edition.

For interim reviews like this, however, journals already listed may request that their position in the table be reconsidered. As a result, there are four additions to the Top 4 Reviews list *: Research policy, published by Elsevier, Psychological Sciences, published by Sage on Journal of Applied Psychology, published by the American Psychological Association, and Public administration review, published by Wiley. Each had already been rated at level 4 in the 2015 guide.

Angus Laing, dean of Lancaster University Management School and chairman of the guide’s management committee, said the growing number of periodicals listed reflects “the breadth and continued growth” of the academic business and management community.

“The key development that we have seen and continue to see in recent years is the growth in the number of journals focusing on specialist topics in specific areas and this is quite what one would expect.” , did he declare.

Write in Times Higher Education in 2015, Dennis Tourish, professor of leadership and organizational studies at Royal Holloway, University of London, said many researchers felt “profound unease” about the guide, noting how much high-quality work had been found outside the “best journals” and arguing that the so-called top journals “often publish irrelevant, erroneous and irrelevant work”.

Professor Tourish argued that the guide was “hopelessly biased” in favor of American journals, which are “dominated by functionalist and positivist perspectives that take the status quo for granted, ask few critical questions about business practices, and largely ignore the most important problems facing business and society ”.

Talk to THEProfessor Laing said this year’s analysis had increased the weight of the peer review, relying on a scientific committee largely made up of non-U.S. academics, in response to concerns that over-reliance on strongly to the measures risked ignoring the views of the academic community. .

Professor Laing said this was a “valid observation that European journals do not have the status of American journals” but argued that it “had nothing to do with the guide” .

“It has more to do with how journals have evolved over time and it’s a larger question of how American journals in particular are viewed as influential by academics in emerging institutions in Asia,” did he declare.

Simon Linacre, senior editor at Emerald Group Publishing, who has listed a number of his new journals in the guide this year, said that while such rankings could never yield a perfect assessment, it was “very gratifying” to see recognized quality titles. by “such an important British body”.

“The AJG is not only known in UK business schools, but as a global publisher we hear from our authors and clients from many different countries,” he said. “The fact that many more of our journals are included in the guide means that the quality research we publish will reach a much wider audience in the UK and around the world. “

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World Elite: 4 * journals in the Guide to academic journals 2018


  • Accounting review
  • Accounting, Organizations and Society
  • Journal of accounting and economics
  • Accounting research journal

Economy, econometrics and statistics

  • American Economic Review
  • Annals of Statistics
  • Econometrics
  • Political economy journal
  • Quarterly economic review
  • Journal of Economic Studies

General management, ethics and social responsibility

  • Journal of the Academy of Management
  • Review of the Management Academy
  • Quarterly review of administrative sciences
  • Management journal


  • Finance Review
  • Financial economics journal
  • Review of financial studies

International affairs and regional studies

  • Journal of International Business Studies

Information management

  • Information Systems Research
  • Quarterly MIS



  • Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Marketing Journal
  • Marketing Research Journal
  • NEW: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences
  • Marketing Sciences

Operations and technology management

  • Operations management log

Operational research and management science

  • Management science
  • Operational research

Organizational studies

Psychology (general)

Psychology (organizational)

  • Journal of Applied Psychology

Public sector and health care

  • NEW: Public administration review

Social Sciences

  • American Journal of Sociology
  • American sociological journal
  • Annual sociology review


  • Strategic Management Review


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