Academic journal to investigate the transformation of the tobacco industry



An academic journal published by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco is accepting new submissions on tobacco industry transformation.

MADISON, Wisconsin – Nicotine and tobacco research, a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, has announced that it is accepting new article submissions to discuss the transformation of the tobacco industry.

As defined by the journal’s editorial board, the transformation of the tobacco industry is a ‘issue / thematic section’ that ‘will indicate if and how the tobacco control community needs to respond and engage with the story of the transformation of the tobacco industry and with the tobacco companies claiming to be transforming. “

“It will be important to critically assess the validity of the industry transformation narrative, as sections of the industry are likely to increasingly use this framing to position themselves as legitimate stakeholders in organizations. debates on how to end the tobacco epidemic and the nature and direction of tobacco control. policies ”, notes the Nicotine and tobacco research official call for contributions.

The newspaper says manuscripts should be submitted through the Nicotine and tobacco research submission system by March 1, 2022. They expect the Tobacco Industry Transformation journal to be published in early 2023.

Tobacco journalist, furthermore, note that the review will not consider submissions from employees of the tobacco industry or affiliated groups. These include organizations that themselves receive funding from tobacco industry groups or that are wholly or partly owned by a tobacco company. This includes organizations like the Nonprofit Foundation for a Smoke-Free World in the United States.

The Smoke-Free Foundation is an independent, non-profit group that advocates for tobacco harm reduction and tobacco control. Unfortunately, the foundation’s credibility is constantly called into question due to an initial endowment from tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI). Endowment matters and is part of PMI’s new “beyond nicotine” mantra.

The Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco has been criticized in the past for the organization’s blocking of tobacco industry researchers at company events and in their journals.

In August of this year, Vaping station reported that British American Tobacco (BAT) chief scientist David O’Reilly has urged the company to restore the involvement of tobacco industry scientists to attend the group’s annual conference in 2022.

“BAT scientists have been proud to share their research at SRNT’s annual meetings for many years,” he said. “Our participation has helped advance the science of tobacco and nicotine for the benefit of society and ultimately the public good. “

Note: Michael McGrady has previously received funding from the Smoke-Free Foundation as part of the 2019 Knowledge-Action-Change Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarship Program. It has not received funding since and remains independent from the foundation, the tobacco industry and companies in the vaping industry.



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