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Miami, Fla. – (Newsfile Corp. – April 11, 2022) – Faith Tribe, the collaborative fashion platform and ecosystem dedicated to open source fashion talent and unlock new opportunities for designers , artists and fashion companies worldwide, with a dual-chain token ($FTRB) launched on the Ethereum (ERC20) and Polygon blockchains, is pleased to announce that the veteran retail, fashion and Web 3, Andrea A. Abrams, joins as chief strategist, effective immediately.

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Andrea A. Abrams

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Created by the owners of fashion brand Faith Connexion, Faith Tribe will allow creators to design and personalize their digital and physical fashion assets, turn them into NFTs, and create and submit new original designs to access the vast design, manufacturing, marketing and business ecosystem services. Faith Tribe co-founders Wahid Chammas and Maria Buccellati announced the addition of Andrea as they begin expanding the Faith Tribe suite of services to realize the company’s vision of becoming the leading platform -open source form for creating, manufacturing and distributing products.

Andrea is a retail industry veteran and global leader with extensive experience in cross-border expansion strategies, as well as technology for physical and digital retail and fashion. She is a retail technology and blockchain investor, board member, and advisor, participating in pre-seed rounds of notable blockchain companies, wearable NFT platforms, and physical commerce tech startups. and digital. After a long international career in the retail and fashion industries, including leading the international expansion of a multinational retail REIT, launching new retail concepts, advising international retail companies in their global and omnichannel expansion and the launch of an incubator dedicated to connecting talent and opportunity in fashion and entertainment, Andrea has become a retail technology investor. She was looking for technologies that would solve many of the problems faced by retailers, designers and product manufacturers, such as inefficient inventory management, lack of uniform point-of-sale standards and limited tools for production. and distribution, when it got involved in the blockchain community. in 2018. The solutions offered by this new technology seemed to him as transformative as the advent of Web 1 and Web 2 in the mid-1990s and early 2000s. Andrea said: “I believe that, in the same The way the Internet ushered in the age of e-commerce, Web 3 and the Metaverse represent the dawn of the age of e-commerce, a new, immersive way to consume products and experiences.”

“The ability to create digital lives for real products opens the door to a truly phygital existence,” Andrea said, adding, “and by connecting a global pool of talent with resources and opportunities – enabling collaboration, exposure and distribution in the physical and digital worlds through web technology 3 – Faith Tribe is helping define the new designer economy I’m honored to be asked to help shape the future of fashion with Maria, Wahid, the Faith Tribe team and the entire Faith Tribe ecosystem.

“Andrea brings a unique blend of physical and digital fashion, retail and lifestyle expertise to our team,” said Wahid Chammas. He added, “From day one we launched this project, we knew we needed to recruit a unique and formidable leader to propel the development and growth trajectory of Faith Tribe. The world has only a handful of big-name candidates who have years of experience in the C-suite of Web 3 and the Metaverse, coupled with decades of experience in the fashion industry and with Fortune companies. 500 – I’m so proud that we were able to recruit Andrea, a titan with the truly rare skills needed to help us run a global fashion brand and an appreciation for Faith Connexion’s rich history, while at the same time transforming our platform -form of open source design for a future on blockchain.

Prior to joining Faith Tribe, Andrea set out to create an incubator for the strategic incorporation of new Web 3 technologies and activities needed to bridge the virtual and physical worlds. She founded PHYGICODE ( in 2021, bringing together a consortium of industry leaders from the physical and digital realms of retail and fashion to develop a balanced conversation. Andrea will continue her work with PHYGICODE, while leading Faith Tribe’s strategy, and is proud to point out that Wahid and Maria are members of the PHYGICODE ecosystem.

Prior to working in retail technology, Andrea spent much of her career in leadership roles in development, acquisitions, global merchandising and investment, expanding retail methodologies into new borders, with transactions in Turkey, Brazil and Central America. Her relationship with Faith Connexion dates back to 2017, when she was introduced to Maria at a time when unique and authentic product experiences were becoming a crucial part of the retail environment. Andrea admired the DNA of Faith Connexion and the winning formula of bringing together fashion, music and art to create extraordinary and unforgettable in-store experiences and a one-of-a-kind product. “Faith Connexion was ahead of the curve when it came to creative collaboration. Some of my favorite clothes have been customized by artists discovered by Maria and showcased at events in her boutique,” ​​Andrea said. She added, “Taking this collaborative approach to fashion creativity in the Metaverse is a natural next step for the brand.”

Maria Buccellati said: “Andrea has worked on the business and geographic expansion of leading retailers and fashion brands and has been personally involved in curating iconic retail projects around the world. She understands my passion for curating products and experiences, bringing together talent from many walks of life. She continued: “Andrea combines her experience in the fashion industry with her business acumen forged after years helping companies in the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Latin America, and above all, she is extraordinarily passionate about Web 3. She is committed to showcasing the power of expanded self-expression through metaverse identities and activities.

Wahid Chammas concluded: “Andrea believes the future is ‘phygital’ and that the economic integration of our physical and digital worlds will define the next decade. She embodies the values ​​of our platform and devotes her time to defining new cultural currencies around consumption for access rather than possession.

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