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Jim Priest

Myka knew she needed a fresh start. A new city. A new job. She was coming out of personal struggles, but she needed help. She didn’t just need a job; she needed a recovery program and she needed vocational training.

Goodwill has a partnership with the local City Rescue Mission to help people in CRM’s addiction recovery program find work. Goodwill provides skills training to City Rescue Mission clients as part of their healing journey. Myka sought recovery at City Rescue and vocational training at Goodwill. Goodwill is more than a store. Goodwill helps people overcome employment challenges through job placement and job training.

More on Myka’s journey in a moment.

What is the biggest challenge facing American business, industry, and nonprofits? You might immediately respond “Find employees!” and you would almost be right; it is a major challenge. But the biggest challenge is one that is less visible but more dangerous. Along with the lack of employees, there is a profound lack of training and professional development. And it’s dangerous because without vocational training, our labor shortage will continue.

Goodwill Industries International recently commissioned a national survey of adults to determine what prevents job seekers from finding employment.

Here are some of the findings:

· Unemployed respondents looking for a job report that job search assistance, childcare assistance, training, courses and certificates are among their main needs.

· 57% of job seekers say a lack of skills and training prevented them from applying for a job.

· 94% say it is important or very important that people have access to job training and skills rather than going to university.

· Nearly six in 10 workers said a lack of skills had kept them from applying for a job they were looking for in the past two years.

Steve Preston, President and CEO of Goodwill International, said: “84% of our respondents who are unemployed said they would like help with the skills, training and support they need. needed to enter the labor market.

US Labor Secretary Marty Walsh agrees: “Industries are struggling to recruit workers right now; this is largely because they are not qualified or trained to work in these industries. Right now is the time to make sure we continue to invest in workforce development and skills training.

Low- and middle-income workers are particularly in need of training. People like Myka who, thanks to City Rescue Mission and Goodwill, received this training and landed a good job: “I want to show that the class at Goodwill works and without her I wouldn’t have gotten the job that I I have now.”

The lesson for businesses and nonprofits? Make it a priority to invest in skills training and workforce development in your organization and in your community.

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Jim Priest is president and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma.


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