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Ballots for the Heisman Trophy arrived in emails from voters on Monday.

Technically no ballots, although I have a ballot number of 487. The email tells you how to go online to vote for three players for the prestigious award.

There are 982 voters, including 870 members of the media. There are 57 living Heisman Trophy winners still alive who receive a ballot. There is also a fan vote of all those people who signed up on

Sometimes the name of the person you’re voting for appears as a social media entry.

Haven’t seen one so far, so maybe it’s over.

Or I’m just blind to them.

What I’ve seen, however, are people making a big deal out of a quarterback who threw over 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns.

Big problem, isn’t it, Tyson Bagent?

Can Mr. 4,000-40 say he guided a 60-yard “30-second drill”, as Bagent called it, to win a playoff game after his team had just fallen behind on the touchdown? late from an opponent?

Bagent, Shepherd’s quarterback, is also a 4,500 to 50 man.

Four thousand five hundred, three yards and 51 touchdowns.

But 4000 and 40 is impressive, there is no doubt about it.

Of the four divisions of NCAA football, there are only eight quarterbacks that currently qualify. Others could join them.

Only two Division I quarterbacks qualify in both categories, Bailey Zappe of Western Kentucky and Kenny Pickett of Pitt.

Zappe threw for 4,993 yards and 52 touchdowns, while Pickett has 4,066 yards and 40 touchdowns.

In the FBS, Cole Kelly of Southeast Louisiana totaled 4,727 yards and 42 touchdowns, Eric Barriere of East Washington has 4,525 yards and 41 touchdowns, and Incarnate Word’s Cameron Ward totaled 4,167 yards. and 42 affected.

“Word”, as the children say?

There are only two players in Division II, Bagent and Brysan Alt from Bemidji State.

Alt has 4,256 yards and 46 passing touchdowns. He’s a candidate for Harlon Hill, as is Bagent.

In Division III, there is only one quarterback who has broken both barriers. Blaine Hawkins of Central, Iowa has 4,189 yards leading the level, as are his 61 touchdown passes. Yes, 61, roughly two-thirds of the Dutch 92 touchdowns in an ongoing 12-0 season.

This is called “becoming Dutch?” Does everyone have to pay when they play?

But can any of them match what Bagent did in Saturday’s win over Notre Dame, sending the Rams to their fifth Super Region 1 championship since 2010?

He had just 20 seconds to pull off the unimaginable after Notre Dame scored with 28 seconds left and Ronnie Brown returned the ensuing kickoff at Shepherd’s 45-yard line.

Instead of calling it a “30 second exercise”, the junior should have chosen a “20 second exercise”.

He accomplished it, throwing a 32-yard pass to Ryan Beach, then a 23-yard touchdown to Josh Gontarek with 1 second left.

He caught the attention of ESPN, who ranked him No.7 in a story titled “Twenty games that made college football rivalry week, well, heckle”.

If Alabama had achieved something similar, it would have been No.1. I’m just saying.

If that didn’t get Bagent to win the Harlon Hill Trophy given that everything was accomplished on a 12-1 team that are currently third nationally in winning percentage at .923, then he might never win the price.

It sounds like something similar to what former Martinsburg coach David Walker, now Concord coach, said about Bagent failing to win the Kennedy Award as the best Virginia high school football player. -Western – an award that’s modeled after Heisman because the man who started it was a native of West Virginia who was a member of the Downtown Athletic Club.

The coach said if Bagent couldn’t win it after guiding two Martinsburg teams to state championships with 14-0 records each season, no Bulldog would ever win the award.

The Rams, under the offensive leadership of Bagent, continue to lead the nation in all-out and kills.

The Harlon Hill is considered the equivalent of the Heisman Trophy, which is presented by the Downtown Athletic Club. The Hill is sponsored by the Little Rock Touchdown Club.

Unlike Heisman, sports news directors play the role of voters. Ninety-six of them voted at the last award ceremony.

The most recent winner, Roland Rivers of Slippery Rock threw six touchdowns and ran for two more in a victory over Notre Dame in the 2019 Super Region 1 final. Jaleel McLaughlin of Notre Dame was second.

Rivers has 61 touchdowns, including assists and assists in 14 games. Bagent has 53 overall in 13 games.

Rivers threw 52 touchdown passes that season, Division II’s fourth-best all-time total, and totaled 4,460 yards.

Bagent’s 4,503 passing yards and 51 less touchdowns in one game than Rivers put quarterback Shepherd at the same statistical level. Shepherd’s caller has at least one more game and maybe up to three if the Rams can qualify for the national championship.

Harlon Hill, anyone?


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