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Bankruptcies are filed under the following chapter headings:
Chapter 7 – Pure and simple bankruptcy: the debtor transfers non-exempt assets and the debt is discharged.
Chapter 11 – Allows businesses and individuals to restructure their debts to repay them.
Chapter 12 – Allows family farmers to restructure their finances to avoid foreclosure liquidation.
Chapter 13 – The plan is designed by the individual to pay off a percentage of the debt according to his ability to pay. All disposable income must be used to pay off debts.
Information provided by the US Bankruptcy Court in Spokane.


Karen VanAllen, 700 N. Route 32, Lot 236, Pasco.

Sergio Fernandez and Ana Fierro, 65105 N. SR 225, Benton City.

Bryce E. Higley and Mary Charlotte Higley, 43506 S. Morton Road, Kennewick.

Trevor A. Nieforth & Megan Nieforth, 5011 Sinai Drive, Pasco.

Ana Castro, 709 S. Alder St., Kennewick.

Keith P. Dempsey & Debbie L. Dempsey, 85802 N. Wamba Road, Prosser.

James A. Stucke, 1401 Willow Way, Benton City.

Amber Pyle, 8709 Lasalle Drive, Pasco.

Rosa Lee Carroll, 36 Valleyview Circle, Richland.

Teddy A. Hill and Renee R. Hill, 5929 Bluewood St., West Richland.

Ariel Warner, 1611 W. 38th Kennewick Place, Kennewick.

Dimitri Allen Dow, 1327 Goethals Drive, app. 9, Richland.

Mariela Niebla, 6503 Wrigley Drive, Pasco.

Jenna Rae Rombokas, 425 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Apt. I107, Kennewick.

Christine Marie Tucker, 703 W. 27th Ave., Kennewick.

Bambang Setiawan, 6512 Enzian Falls Drive, Pasco.

Krystal A. Shockey, 2895 Pauling Avenue, apt. 140, Richland.


Marlando Dupree Sparks, 2645 Scottsdale Place, Richland.

Patrick Thomas Maeder & Loretta Kathleen Maeder, 1108 Prosser Ave., Prosser.

Joseph Todd Glesener & Renee Suzanne Glesener, 515 N. Williams St., Kennewick.


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