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Scott A McAboy


When I look back on my life, I realize how many people took the time to care not only for me, but for their neighbors as well.

My parents Joe and Eileen come to mind first. They adopted an unwanted child and gave him a name and a loving home. They supported me through my teens and twenties, when my stupidity was rampant. Thanks to God.

John Weakley and HB Roberts, my drawing teachers, taught me to live from plans and construction. Dale Hicks and Pascal Dimagno helped me put what I learned in writing to good use.

Carl Hagar and Jim Heironimus always bailed me out when my vehicles weren’t working or I just had to go out to dinner.

All of these people have helped many young people get started in life, making Berkeley County a great place to live and raise a family.

Another local gem is Steve Catlett, who since about 1976 has helped Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation Board programs grow by leaps and bounds. Thanks to Steve’s dedication and vision, along with the help of many county residents, thousands of young people have had the opportunity to participate in activities that have taught them the benefits of hard work.

I have been involved for the past 50 years in parks and recreation and know that I am a better person thanks to Steve and those mentioned earlier.

Steve is running for a seat in the Berkeley County Council primary election in May and deserves your vote. I don’t know of anyone who has had a more positive effect on Berkeley County residents of all ages. He will always do what is best for everyone in the county, not just a few.

Please join me in voting for Steve Catlett. Our county will be a better place with his guidance and leadership.


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