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President Joe Biden’s administration has yet another opportunity to prove whether it is more interested in the appearance of climate awareness or if it is truly doing something positive for our environment and our domestic jobs. While talks are underway with the European Union on lowering tariffs on its steel exports, it seems clear that the United States would firmly maintain trade measures.

Since 2018, the Trade Expansion Act has imposed tariffs of 10% and 25% on certain imports of aluminum and steel, which have become a bit of a one-way street. Steel exports from the European Union to the United States are almost 24 times what all of North America sends to the EU.

Here in Buckeye State, the steel industry employs up to 39,000 jobs. But employment isn’t the only factor to consider, as US Representative Tim Ryan, D-Howland points out.

“We have an opportunity to resuscitate the steel industry if we keep the line on this,” Ryan said. “As we move to wind, solar and electric vehicles, we want to green the planet. So we should be using the greenest steel and the cleanest steelmaking process in the world, and it’s here in the United States. “

Why on earth would the Biden administration want to jeopardize American jobs AND move more steel production to a less environmentally friendly region? If the health of our planet and the well-being of the people who live on it are really top priorities for Biden and his crew, the response to the EU’s demand to ease steel tariffs should be simple: no.



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