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Black Travel Box, a travel-friendly beauty brand for black women, released a report to help travel enthusiasts find groups of like-minded people to take the trip with.

The trusted cosmetics maker posted the latest post to discuss various online groups for black community travel enthusiasts.

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By releasing this report, the travel personal care brand can help men and women connect with fellow travelers. The guide describes six travel communities that black people can get involved in, as well as some of the activities the groups have done in the past.

The author highlights the fact that blacks are traveling in record numbers and spending an estimated $ 109.6 billion annually on domestic and international travel.

She suggests that explorers can enhance their experience by joining online travel groups where they can discuss their experiences, swap vacation photos, share travel tips, and plan trips together.

The report describes Facebook and Instagram groups such as Nomadness Travel Tribe, Up In The Air Life, Tastemakers Africa, Sisters Traveling Solo, Bucket List Beasts, and Black & Abroad. All of the groups offer tour packages and many offer travel conferences, workshops and events for members who are at home.

All of the recommended groups focus on black customers, but they cater to people with very different travel styles. One of the groups attracts people interested in luxurious travel experiences, such as caviar tastings and yachting. Another offers bungee jumping adventures for adrenaline junkies.

With such a range, the author is confident that readers will find a group of cognate spirits to travel with.

About BlackTravelBox

BlackTravelBox is a trusted personal care brand for women of color. It offers a variety of hair and skin care products with travel-friendly packaging and formulations that make them easy to pack or carry on an airplane. Its line of beauty products includes body balm, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm and more.

A satisfied customer said the following about the company’s travel kit: “The product is awesome. The size of the products is perfect for my business trips. The skin balm really gives my body a nice glow. I look forward to using it on all my business trips in the future.

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