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In recent years, much has distracted us from the promises made by those who have invaded the West Virginia State Office, vowing to eliminate fraud, waste and overspending, and “good size” from the government. state government. Fortunately, the folks in the Legislative Auditor’s office continue to watch how pitiful those promises were.

On Monday, members of the subsequent audit subcommittee heard a report examining the state’s special funds, in which they learned that there were perhaps millions of dollars that could be used for the budget of the state. state or other credits that are instead in funds without (or with vague) fund balance limits.

“The majority of the special income funds examined did not have a clearly defined fund balance limit in the code,” Auditor Ashley Edmonds said. “This potentially allows balances to grow beyond what was expected and makes it difficult to determine excess fund balances if they can be determined.”

A majority, Edmonds means that 94 percent of the state’s 741 special income funds have no clear fund balance limits. Other funds have vague limits and legislative auditors have not been able to determine what they are.

Using the most conservative method, the auditors determined that 134 funds exceeded historical spending by $ 166 million. Meanwhile, 10 of the special income funds they looked at had clear limits on how much those funds were allowed to raise, but had balances in excess of code limits. Those 10 funds combined held more than $ 5 million more than they were allowed to raise.

“Special income funds with clearly defined limits increase the ability to determine and identify excess fund balances, as determined with all 10 fund balances exceeding their defined limits of $ 5 million,” said Edmonds. In addition, funds established by law can be in effect for decades and, as circumstances change, the limits on these funds help ensure that the intent is clear and that these funds are properly managed throughout. of the life of the funds. “

Of the. Brandon Steele, R-Raleigh and the rest of the Legislative Rules Development Committee had better get down to work on putting clear limits in place on these funds, rather than continuing to leave a few million here, a few million there. … 166 million more dollars there… slipping through the fingers of taxpayers.


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