Commendation from the academic journal City in Sport in History


A detailed article in the prestigious academic journal Sport in History praised Manchester City’s work.

The article, produced to mark the 40th anniversary of the British Society of Sports History, highlights progressive projects at various clubs, including several at City.

For example, he discusses the redesign of our badge six years ago and explains that it was “the most detailed consultation that a Premier League club has ever carried out” on the importance of an emblem. .

The article offers those researching the history of sport ideas for projects and partnerships that may prove beneficial.

The author, football historian Dr Gary James, discusses his and others’ work in developing projects and working with football clubs.

It explores ways in which historians can engage in creative, innovative and impactful ways.

In addition to our badging consultation, one of the other areas featured is our project revealing the 30+ year history of our women’s team.

Dozens of women involved with the club throughout its history have been interviewed and material added to our records as the club’s history was documented for the first time.

Gary takes the time to highlight the work of other historians like Tosh Warwick. Tosh has worked with Middlesbrough FC on a number of issues and, like Gary with his own writings in our match programme, Tosh helps to ‘educate in an entertaining way’.

Gary, who is an Honorary Scholar at De Montfort University, says: “The idea of ​​the article was to demonstrate how working with sports clubs and bodies can develop opportunities to broaden historical understanding.

“From my own experience with City, it’s clear that forward-looking sports clubs can embrace historic projects.

“City recognize that understanding the past is also an essential part of modern football. They have invested in several ground-breaking historical projects.”

The article is free to download for the month of October here.

You can also follow Gary’s work via his Twitter account: @GaryJamesWriter


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