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MARTINSBURG – Berkeley County Sheriff Nathan Harmon said on Tuesday everyone should be aware that counterfeit tickets are in circulation and gave advice on staying informed and prepared during the holiday season.

“We have the holiday seasons approaching and everyone is busy. Unfortunately, we are dealing with people who are trying to take advantage of the turmoil and chaos. They think cashiers and cashiers aren’t paying attention, and they feel like they can pass this bogus bill, ”Harmon said. “Not everyone will have the iodine pens that react to the starches in this type of paper that turn it brown if it’s legitimate and brown if it’s not. Those people who embrace invoices rely a lot on the fact that people will not grasp the imperfections associated with invoices. “

Harmon said the Secret Service and the US Treasury Department are working carefully to ensure that the US currency incorporates various security measures. Despite this, Harmon said he has seen a lot of counterfeits during his career.

“Aside from the obvious flaws, I’ve seen some counterfeit money where they changed the value of money just to keep the paper look of things, and they stick the ’10’ in the top corner of some of it. these tickets just to change the value. If you look at a bill with George Washington in the middle when he should have Alexander Hamilton, you’ve got a problem, ”Harmon said. “Some people don’t put in much effort other than making their best laser print version, but then there are other complex attempts.”

Harmon said that when he was a state soldier he saw these kinds of fake invoices and saw people become more creative at making invoices.

“Banknote paper contains red and blue fibers. Under some magnification, you can see that these red and blue fibers are actually lines printed in red and blue on some counterfeit banknotes instead of real paper fibers, ”Harmon said. “The eyes and faces of the portraits that are in the banknotes have to be really distinct and stand out almost like in 3D, and your fake banknotes won’t have that quality, they’ll be out of focus or out of focus, and then, of course, you have your borders that are around the bill. You are looking for clarity.

Harmon said that unfortunately there are a lot more fake notes than most realize.

“I think it’s underrated. I think this is a bigger problem than what we realize. Now that the high season is approaching, when it comes to the holiday season, it’s going to be even worse. I’d hate to know the number, to be honest, ”he said. “The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department found out, and we see counterfeit money, nothing of that magnitude, but we also encounter it. He is involved in illegal activities. Some people reimburse other people using counterfeit money, drug dealers, terrorist operations, whether national or international. Counterfeit money fuels a lot of things.

Harmon mentioned a story made by KKTV earlier in October in Philadelphia, where a customs patrol seized more than $ 6.5 million in counterfeit money that he said came from five different shipments from Russia.

“If we were to really dive into it and see how big a problem this is, that’s an eye-opener,” Harmon said. “If you receive counterfeit money, report it immediately. Don’t keep moving the money. There are certain processes that we can follow. Report it immediately. We will get a brief statement and try to make a record of it. Like anything else, when it comes to a criminal aspect there are signatures that we are specifically looking for and telltale signs.

He said it’s important to remember that a single counterfeit bill could lead to a much bigger case that they’ve looked at that awaits that extra piece of the puzzle.

“The easiest way to report it is to report it to us. We can get our hands on our sister and sister agencies probably much more efficiently. We can be that channel for the person reporting it, ”Harmon said. “And if it is perceived to have been collected by the individual from a banking institution, notify them immediately.”

Harmon shared some tips for financial security, especially around the holiday season when those bills are going around.

“We all help each other by reducing the scope of things by reporting them immediately. Be extra vigilant during vacation periods. Criminal activity is always present and they will try to take advantage of your activity. Take responsibility for your situational awareness, ”he said.


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