COVID-19 rebounds; the threat is mounting again in Oklahoma


Health officials are urging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and a booster as cases rise again in Oklahoma. (Courtesy Photo / Oklahoma City-County Department of Health)

COVID-19 made a big comeback this week and Oklahoma led the way with a 127% increase in cases from the week before.

The Washington postThe coronavirus tracker showed the state leading the wave on Thursday. The overall increase for the United States was 31%.

The seven-day moving average is the best way to show trends in new cases, as more than half of the states do not report new data every day.

“The Oklahoma Winter Covid Surge has just arrived,” Dr. George Monks, outgoing president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, tweeted Thursday in response to the report.

“We had 1,056 new cases today. Active cases are up to 8,484. Hospitalizations and intensive care admissions are on the rise, ”Monks tweeted. “Covid deaths in Oklahoma increased by 39% last week. This ranks Oklahoma as the state with the 7th highest increase in the number of Covid deaths. “

The tracker showed that the change in the number of daily deaths over the past seven days was down 4% for the United States overall, but up 39% in Oklahoma.

“Now is a good time to get your vaccine and your Covid booster,” Monks tweeted.

The tracker notes: “The number of new known cases is the closest thing we have to a real-time gauge of the scope of the coronavirus.

“It can also serve as a warning: if cases suddenly increase, hospitalizations and deaths will almost certainly follow. However, areas with little testing will likely appear to have fewer cases, regardless of the extent of the virus. “

Missouri overtook Oklahoma on Friday with a 131% increase in cases over the past seven days, but the tracker pointed out that Missouri changed its definition of “cases” from tracking individuals to tracking infections (regardless of fact that an individual has been infected previously). It also redefined “probable” cases and deaths to bring them into line with the definitions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported that the state had 970 new cases as of Friday and 8,801 active cases in total – 317 more than the monks referred the day before. The seven-day average of new cases was 838.

The Washington post tracker showed that the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States is 14,252 per 100,000 population, while in Oklahoma it is 16,620. The percentage of positive tests in the last seven days was 6% nationally and 8% in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma currently ranks 17th in the country for the cumulative incidence (per 100,000 people) of reported COVID-19 cases, OSDH reported.

The report notes that Oklahoma’s current trend with new positive cases continues to reflect community transmission, which can be reduced by getting the COVID-19 vaccine and taking the usual precautions.

The Washington post notes that vaccines are highly protective against the worst effects of the coronavirus, including death, and are an important tool in stopping the spread, but the percentage of people who have been vaccinated varies widely by state and region. The vaccine rollout from December 2020 was limited and chaotic, but free vaccines are now widely available and recommended for anyone aged 5 and over.

The percentage of the population who have completed the vaccination is 59% in the United States and 51% in Oklahoma, according to the tracker.

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