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The United States is the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. Access to American resources and the ability to deliver them nationally has fueled our country’s progress for more than a century.

In Oklahoma, the oil and natural gas industry is our economic engine, accounting for one-third of all wages paid in the state, one-third of our gross domestic product, and one-quarter of all taxes used to fund education. , health care, maintenance and improvement of infrastructure and other basic government services. The approximately 390,000 Oklahoma residents whose jobs are supported by the oil and gas industry can be found in nearly every county in the state.

But many in Washington, DC would surrender US energy security to our global rivals. They are now working through tough regulatory and tax regimes to stifle America’s oil and natural gas supply regardless of what that really means.

First comes the price increase for American consumers. The US Energy Information Administration warns that American households will spend more money on heating costs this winter compared to last winter – on electricity, natural gas, propane and fuel oil.

Next come job losses. If those in power continue to make it more difficult to drill new wells or to safely and efficiently transport oil from the field to consumers, the men and women of the oil and gas industry will be the first to face challenges. job losses. Next are industries that depend on a vibrant energy industry – manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail, etc.

The people of Oklahoma are tired of the anti-oil and natural gas tirades of coastal elites who don’t care that the men and women who power our state provide solutions to climate problems.

Natural gas is central to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, the increased use of which is the number one reason the U.S. electricity sector’s emissions are at their lowest in a generation. And Oklahoma has clean, reliable natural gas in spades, being the nation’s fourth-largest natural gas producer state and holding 7% of the nation’s proven natural gas reserves.

Oklahoma is poised to fuel our nation’s progress for decades to come, and our state’s oil and gas industry will rise to the challenge. All we need is an energy policy based on common sense rather than partisan politics.

Brook A. Simmons is President of Oklahoma Oil Alliance.



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