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Marie Edgar

Charles Town

No matter how long you labor in this effort to save the little… our babies, God’s children, in what we call the pro-life movement, you are never prepared for the unbelieving “operation” of the abortion business, and what happens in such an environment. In the past, a CEO of Planned Parenthood (a misnomer for the taking of human life from the moment of conception to full-term babies), Cécile Richard, according to figures, presided over more than 3.5 million abortions. As I re-read this numerical statistic, I tried to understand its significance for the human race and God’s creation. I could not understand its reality.

In the past, we attended a church that apparently had stopped preaching about the evil of abortion. The message we take from this is that a lot of people think that this subject should not be mentioned in case you offend a woman who has had an abortion. This, to me, would mean that we must not mention any human failings lest we offend someone who might have committed such acts. Sorry, to say that this would never be a world where we live with realities and their consequences. But recently we heard one of the best pro-life homilies in our church,

Just as Ms. Richard conveys the message, very clearly, she was proud of her work and the results of it; so now we must move forward in trying to save our innocent babies from the horror of abortion. The people leading the charge to protect unborn babies are engaging in the most fundamental human rights battle today. There are so many creative ways to advocate for innocent babies in the womb.

Most notably, we saw one of these “ways” with our youth at the 49th Walk for Life at the National Mall in Washington DC. The Marches for Life takes place in at least 20 countries on six continents, making it a global movement.

Since Roe c. Wade, [which may be on its way out] who legalized abortion in 1973, we of the pro-life movement peacefully prayed outside abortion clinics, counseled pregnant women, showed them ultrasound images of their children, provided free housing for expectant mothers, insisted on the alternative of adoption, exposed the depraved techniques of abortion, filmed the illegal sale of baby parts and pressed for laws to protect both mother and child. The number of surgical abortions has dropped considerably. Perseverance and prayer: our tools.

Many times, as we pray in front of abortion “clinics” (a misnomer), we have had the joy of seeing mothers return with their babies, proud, happy and grateful to those of us who have helped save their babies.

A staunch supporter of the pro-life movement, Lila Rose, once said at the March for Life in DC, “If you’re here, great, but we need you tomorrow; we need you next day; we need you on Sunday in your church; we need you to stand up for life in your schools; we need you to vote for life; we need you to encourage and work with your friends to ensure that they don’t have an abortion. . . . We need you all day, not just today!”


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