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Joe Dorman

With summer winding down, we approach the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy’s Fall Forum. This conference, taking place October 11-13 at MetroTech in Oklahoma City, will bring together experts from a variety of fields to visit attendees on ways to improve the lives of children and families in Oklahoma through policy work.

This year’s theme will be “The Economy Our Children Deserve”. We will discuss many issues facing Oklahomans struggling to make ends meet. We hope to shape a 2023 legislative agenda that will be presented to policy makers at the local, state and federal levels.

To attend the Fall Forum and help us create “The Economy Our Children Deserve”, you can register on our website at under “Events”.

We will examine issues related to home ownership and affordability of rents. Through our research, we discovered a program to help qualifying Oklahomans who are struggling to make ends meet.

ARPA helps people behind on mortgages

The Oklahoma Homeowner Assistance Fund is available through the American Rescue Plan Act. HAF is providing financial assistance to homeowners who have experienced significant financial hardship due to COVID-19.

Eligible expenses that HAF funds can cover include mortgage reinstatement, principal reduction, payment of a partial claim or deferral, overdue property taxes, home insurance restoration, and Homeowners association dues outstanding. Specific eligibility criteria apply.

Homeowners who made a loan modification due to a COVID-related default may be eligible to receive a principal reduction. Eligible mortgage loans must be guaranteed by a government or government-sponsored entity instrument or funded by a non-profit organization, bank, credit union or mortgage company that adheres to widely accepted practices in mortgage lending and mortgage servicing overseen by the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau or a mortgage financed by the builder or manufactured home retail financing entity. Excluded mortgages include seller-financed transactions, lease-to-own transactions and family-financed transactions.

If you think you might qualify, check with your lender who holds your mortgage and go to to review and submit the application.

Joe Dorman is executive director of the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.


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