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Fall Edition of the Journal of Personal Finance

This issue of the Journal has a coherent theme of heuristics and decision-making. This issue is a wonderful addition to knowledge for both financial advisors and academic professionals … Journal Editor, Dr Craig Lemoine, MRFC®.

JPF Editor, Craig Lemoine, Ph.D., CFP®, MRFC® is the Director of the Financial Planning Program at the University of Illinois, Champaign, IL. With training dating back to 2003, Dr. Lemoine has a thorough understanding of financial planning exam and assessment. He has served on the CFP® Board Council of Examinations since 2010, was a professor of financial planning at American College, and is currently Chairman of the Certification Board of the MRFC.

“This issue of the Journal of Personal Finance has a consistent theme on heuristics and decision-making,” says Journal editor Dr. Craig Lemoine, MRFC®. Three of our articles discuss how consumers behave and what drives these choices. This issue is a great addition to knowledge for both financial consultants and academic professionals. I am delighted to share our fall edition!

The following six articles are included in the 2021 edition, Volume 20, Number 2

  • Where knowledge meets perceptions: emerging adults and their perception of financial literacy
  • The role of financial literacy, the need for cognition, and policy guidance on consumer use of social media in financial decision-making
  • Student Debt and the Financial Well-Being of the Borrower: Does It Matter Who Is Debt Going to?
  • Is retirement so easy? Analyze the impact of financial rules of thumb through the theory of planned behavior
  • Simple rules of thumb decision making and financial well-being.
  • IARFC 2021 National Financial Plan Competition

“Thank you to those involved in the production of the Journal – from professors to our editor, Dr. Craig Lemoine, MRFC®, to our IARFC team,” acknowledges IARFC President and CEO H. Stephen Bailey , Ph.D., MRFC®. “I am particularly pleased that the winning plan of the IARFC 2021 National Financial Plan is included. These students work hard in developing and presenting their recommendations. It is great to present the results of our next generation of financial professionals. “

Launched in 2002, the Journal of Personal Finance has gained in reach, acceptance and recognition among practitioners and academics. The JPF hosts articles from finance professionals and consultants on financial products and services, client relations, retirement planning, long-term care, practice management and business operational efficiency. .

For IARFC members, the JPF is an advantage and a source of continuing education credits. Members can take IARFC’s Journal of Personal Finance online quizzes. Two IARFC CE units will be awarded to members who score 70% or more per quiz.

To order a hard copy or electronic version of the Journal of Personal Finance, for more information, or to view article submission guidelines, go to http://www.iarfc.org or contact the editor. Register to take the CE quiz at the IARFC store.

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