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FiiTii has come to unveil the launches of its new HiFiAir Earbud model. FiiTii’s mission is to design and create great sound products that bring the concept of high fidelity to everyone. In January 2021, FiiTii launched its first HiFiPods masterpiece, Audiophile-Pleased hybrid headphones, whose superior quality and APTX support won over a number of people. Its $159 price tag may deter some cash-strapped consumers who really like good sound quality. Based above reason and extensive research on audio equipment and consumer preferences and demand for sound quality in the market, FiiTii introduces the HiFiAir, a top rated product, with a high fidelity recommendation affordable for anyone who loves music.

FiiTiiHiFiAir, the most economical headphones with high sound quality. There are two driver versions, Dynamic Plus Dynamic Balanced Armature, which cost $49 and $59 respectively. HiFiAir is designed with ultra-lightweight for a more comfortable fit. This earphone is specially designed for people with different unique ear sizes and super light weight of 3.9g. It stays firmly in the ear canal, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out anytime. It has stereo sound quality and active noise cancellation to perform active noise cancellation down to -30dB to clear voice transmission in any environment. It is also built with environmental noise cancellation to effectively reduce ambient noise and isolate human voices.

Whatever that kind of need FiiTii has in store for people, HiFiAir Earbud is convenient to use as people are not restricted in their movements thanks to Bluetooth.

This unique earphone has IPX7 waterproof to resist sweat, water and dust, powerful battery life that lasts longer up to 36 hours with a nice case. The Bluetooth 5.2 connection is super fast and stable. Don’t worry about the annoying intermittent experience of talking on the phone or listening to music.

For users who have high sound quality requirement and limited budget, HiFiAir will be the best choice of wireless headphones under $50 for them. The dynamic driver can make bass full and treble smooth. For balanced armature + dynamic hybrid drivers, it can render bass, sweet and treble – every frequency of sound performance from the extreme.

There are 3 noise canceling modes that can be chosen. Just enjoy your music wherever you are.

l Soft noise cancellation – press for 1 second

l Strong noise cancellation – press for 1 second

l Transparent mode – press for 1 second

The FiiTii HiFiAir is now available on all of our official Amazon marketplaces, the FiiTii website and other distribution channels. In addition, FiiTii is offering 20% ​​discount on Amazon marketplaces and via discount code ‘HIFIAIR22’ until 08/31/2022.

About FiiTii

FiiTii, is the main brand of Mifo Technology Co., Ltd. It will also be the main one, focusing on Hi-Fi series. Due to strategic development, Mifo Technology established FiiTii in 2021 for better communication, brand recognition and customer service.

FiiTii’s priority is the real feeling of consumers. Listen to your feedback to improve products, but don’t isolate any negative suggestions. Our enthusiasm stems from the support and encouragement of consumers. We strive to produce well-received products and spread the spirit to the public. In this way, bringing Hi-Fi sound to the real world is of vital importance. And then ignite a positive and relaxing lifestyle resembling FiiTii. We aim to design the high end and unite a tribe of optimistic and energetic brands.

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