HBKU Press launches a special issue of academic journal dedicated to student theses


Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) recently announced the development of a special annual issue of the journal QScience Connect to be published on its open access academic platform, QScience.com, dedicated to the work of student researchers.

The multidisciplinary special issue, entitled “QScience Connect – Special Issue: Thesis”, aims to introduce graduate students to the world of research writing and scholarly journal publication.
Graduates whose work is accepted for publication are guided through the writing process to develop their thesis into a 10,000-word abridged article that is the standard for scholarly publication. Their article is then prepared for publication, which includes peer review and editing provided by industry experts, hosting, archiving and indexing of articles in databases internationally. recognized.
Individual advice and feedback is provided by HBKU Press every step of the way, notes a press release.
“This special issue is just one of the many ways in which HBKU Press provides a supportive and collaborative research environment for academics and academics in Qatar, Mena and the rest of the world,” said Dr Rima Isaifan, manager academic and journal publication at HBKU Press. .
“By providing student researchers with an appropriate introduction to the world of academic publishing, we not only enrich their learning experience, but we also provide them with the necessary foundations to develop their future careers in academia. “
The special issue is the first of its kind in the Gulf and MENA regions. The academic team at HBKU Press were inspired to create the dedicated journal turning doctoral theses into scholarly articles after receiving an increasing number of requests from local graduate students who were looking to publish their master’s thesis as a prerequisite for applying to the doctoral programs.
Without any focus on rewriting the thesis and with the threat of predatory editors, HBKU Press saw this as an opportunity to ensure that local academics have the tools and resources to succeed, the release notes.
“Too many predatory publishers take advantage of the inexperience of graduate student researchers and take their money only to provide substandard service and a final article that is not peer reviewed, not easily accessible, or quotable in any way. either, and does not help the researcher gain exposure, “explained Dr Isaifan.” The open access publishing model on QScience.com follows international best practices in publishing and allows authors to share their work. freely, with higher access, download and share rates, while ensuring proper citation.
“The formalization of this special issue as an annual publication provides a credible launching pad for all student researchers and a legitimate avenue to pursue a publication that meets their needs. “
Although the first issue of ‘QScience Connect – Special Issue: Thesis’ is published each year, starting in October 2021, this is not the first time that HBKU Press has supported local graduates on their journey to publication.
Dr Isaifan has personally mentored several aspiring researchers before, including two Qatari student researchers, Dr Hanadi al-Thani and Amna al-Khater, who received the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Education.
“As a graduate student at HBKU for the Masters and PhD in Environmental Sustainability, I have benefited enormously from the guidance and support of the HBKU Press Academic Publishing Department,” says Dr al-Thani. “With their support, I was able to dramatically improve my research writing skills, which led to the successful publication of my article. This achievement helped me obtain the Department of Education Award of Excellence and the Best Researcher Award which are based on the quality of published research. I will always recommend that graduate students take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that HBKU Press offers, as it will ensure their progression to the highest level of achievement in academic publishing.
QScience Connect is a bilingual and multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal. It offers the latest practices in the academic publishing industry, including issuing digital object identifiers and XML markup to aid article discovery and dissemination in search engines and on Google Scholar. It is also indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals, which is home to 14,000 global journals and reaches millions of researchers around the world.
The call for applications is now open. For more information and to apply, you can contact [email protected]


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