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Homeland security graduate student Andrew Christopher Ziegler ’20 recently published an article in the academic journal The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs. The article, Security concerns over monetary interests? : the role of agenda setting in internal security, examines the allocation of resources among the top five homeland security priorities of the US federal government in fiscal year 2012-2017.

“I am touched by the opportunity to share my research in a peer-reviewed academic journal,” he says.

Submitting an article for publication in an academic journal is no easy task. Ziegler spent a total of nine months researching, editing, and finalizing his article for publication, while taking four graduate courses per semester.

The article has been double-blind peer reviewed, which means the identity of the author and reviewer is withheld. All identifying information about him was removed from the article and sent to three public policy experts, who recommended his article for publication based solely on his research. During each peer review cycle, Ziegler had to apply various changes provided by the reviewers; in total, over a dozen iterations were produced prior to final release.

Ziegler was inspired to research the concepts of agenda setting and resource allocation in more detail during the coronavirus pandemic.

“After conducting research, I found that these concepts were largely responsible for the slow and uncoordinated response of the US federal government to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he says. “Putting two and two together, I decided to write an article that applied the concepts of agenda setting and resource allocation to the field of homeland security.”

Already making his mark in academia, Ziegler hopes to earn a doctorate in the future and teach at the college level after gaining experience in homeland security.

The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs is an academic journal edited by graduate students of the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University. The journal features submissions from professors, practitioners and graduate students who explore a range of public affairs issues.



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