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Delegate Charles Horst entered this current legislative session with one eye on the prize, so to speak, ready to work on bills he believes will contribute to a better West Virginia.

For Horst, this current session, he knew, was not going to be enough to accomplish everything he hoped for, as he recently showed up to run again. He will run as a Republican in District 95.

“The biggest thing to get re-elected is to have a seat at the table, to have a say in what we do here in the state of West Virginia, in the Legislative Assembly and to crafting state bills and laws,” Horst said. “I became preoccupied with some things around 2012 and started to get involved politically. Of course, that snowballed and I ended up running for election in 2020.”

With this legislative session just beginning, Horst is focusing on issues currently in the works, starting with a bill he was looking to co-sponsor for Monday that deals with changes to civilian asset foreclosures.

“It’s mostly about drugs, confiscating money and/or property from those who are selling drugs,” Horst said. “I would just like to change the process on this and change it to criminal asset forfeiture. Basically, the big change would be that the state would not be able to retain ownership. According to the code, they couldn’t keep property or money unless they got a conviction. There are cases when it was used wrongly and the state did not return the property.

He said the way things are currently run can force someone who is not convicted to seek legal aid to get their property returned, which can be costly. Horst said it’s been seen across the country that an individual needs to see a lawyer to recover a small amount of money or a vehicle that isn’t worth much, and the changes he hopes to see would make the fairer process and would protect both the citizen and the state. or county.

Horst is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, which he says doesn’t usually present too much of a problem in the state, as well as a supporter of pro-life issues.

“Anything that enhances or helps the Second Amendment, I’m always a big fan of,” Horst said. “I am very supportive of pro-life issues. I’m a co-sponsor of (House Bill) 4004, which is a bill to limit abortions in the state of West Virginia, similar to the bill in Mississippi.

Horst noted his support for a question that will be on the ballot in November regarding the West Virginia Constitution and a change that would allow the legislature to get rid of the vehicle property tax and the property tax. equipment and business inventory.

“Vehicle tax would be great for citizens, get rid of it,” Horst said. “But the business tax is the most important thing, as far as I’m concerned, because there’s something there that will give all of our existing businesses tax relief, which will encourage business growth in the state.”

Horst said larger companies are usually attracted to local areas using a county-level pilot program, where a deal is either struck for property tax relief or the county buys and leases land. equipment to the business, which he says is unfair to small businesses.


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