In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Boeing donates $ 1.8 million


Boeing has donated $ 1.8 million to benefit various organizations that support Indigenous communities across the country, including Oklahoma. (Courtesy photo / Boeing)

Boeing has donated $ 1.8 million to benefit various organizations that support Indigenous communities across the country, including Oklahoma.

The company, which has a major presence in the Sooner State, announced the donation as part of the nation’s celebration of Native American Heritage Month.

In a statement, Boeing said it has identified 22 support programs with goals ranging from improving access to clean water to encouraging STEM education for Native American students.

“We are proud to continue to support and uplift Native American and Indigenous communities as we work towards a more equitable future for all,” said Marc Allen, Corporate Executive Board Champion for the Boeing Native American Network.

Funding includes:

• $ 250,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to support over 200 Indigenous clubs serving 120,000 Indigenous children and youth in 28 states. Programming will also support the development of stronger Indigenous clubs in the system, better quality programming and concerted advocacy for the development of Indigenous youth.

• $ 100,000 for the First Americans Museum School Access Program to provide 3,600 Title I students across Oklahoma with the opportunity to visit the museum each year for the next five years. Teachers will also receive educational materials before and after the visit, including guidelines for integrating Indigenous perspectives into the classroom.

• $ 100,000 for the Oklahoma State University Foundation to support the Center for Sovereign Nations, which provides jobs and academic support to Native American students attending university. The funding will also support the Native Earth-Sky Program, a partnership with NASA to develop an intermediate education program that combines scientific exploration with traditional Indigenous storytelling.

• $ 50,000 for the American Indian College Fund to support the sponsorship of Native American heritage celebration activities during the 2021-2022 academic year and to help Native American students create social and economic transformation within their communities.

• $ 50,000 for the American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) to support the Together Towards Tomorrow (T3) fund, which provides emergency resources to Indigenous students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

• $ 50,000 for the First Nations Development Institute to support 12 Native American tribal food banks or pantries. In addition, three Indigenous-run food banks or pantries will be selected for intensive technical support, allowing them to expand services and better meet the needs of their communities.

Boeing’s contribution will also fund 16 additional programs providing support in seven states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

• $ 120,000 will go to the Oklahoma State University Foundation’s DARE program to support paid summer internships for Native American high school students and other under-represented groups at the Unmanned Systems Research Institute at Oklahoma State University.

• $ 100,000 to the America’s Warrior Partnership to support increased outreach and resources to veteran households through the Diné Naazbaa ‘Partnership, a community integrated approach supporting Navajo Nation military veterans, their families and their caregivers.

• $ 100,000 for DigDeep to provide the Navajo Water Project with access to water, training and equipment. This indigenous-led, locally-staffed program develops wells to pump, treat, and store clean water that is trucked to off-grid domestic water systems.

• $ 100,000 for the Native American Partnership (PWNA) to support tribal self-reliance by providing training and equipment to Native American tribes that will help increase efficiency in preparedness and response to natural disasters.

• $ 100,000 for The Nature Conservancy to support the Colorado River Basin Tribal Water Initiative which gives voice, choice and action to the tribal nations that depend on the Colorado River.

• $ 100,000 for American Indian Services to support the expansion of the AIS Prep program, a three-year summer STEM program for Native American college students at Utah State University-Blanding. The funding will also add an aerospace engineering degree program unit to each year of the program.

• $ 100,000 for the Potlatch Fund to expand programs that strengthen community, provide space for Native Americans to celebrate their heritage, and help heal Native communities through education, the arts and language.

• $ 85,000 for the Phoenix Indian Center to support a new health and wellness program that includes the integration of traditional Native American games and sports to complement existing college, substance abuse prevention and education programs. university and career. The funding will also support the sponsorship of the 75th anniversary of the Phoenix Indian Center.

• $ 85,000 to the Puget Sound Education Services District to support Project Red Road, a culture-steeped STEM program led by Native American educators that will reach 300 Native American students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in four school districts in County of Pierce, Washington. The Puyallup and Muckleshoot tribes also support this program.

• $ 60,000 for Elements of Education Partners to support program expansion through a partnership with Chief Leschi Schools and the Puyallup Tribe, strengthening pathways to tribal industry careers in health, education, natural resources, hospitality, audio and visual technologies.

• $ 60,000 for Mentor Washington to support a trauma-focused, STEM-focused Native American Career Connect STEAM (NACC STEAM) program designed to improve students’ academic performance and fuel their educational and career pursuits. STEM career.

• $ 50,000 for Comunidades Indigenas en Liderazgo (CIELO) to support cultural awareness workshops for community service organizations with the goal of increasing social awareness, service delivery and accessibility for indigenous people in California. The funding will also support food distribution events for food insecure Indigenous families in Los Angeles.

• $ 50,000 for the University of Alaska Foundation to support the Alaska Native Science & Engineering project which aims to bring about systemic change in the hiring of Alaska Natives by placing students on a path of career in leadership in science and engineering.

• $ 45,000 for United Indians of all tribes to increase awareness and engagement of Native American veterans and their families through the Native Workforce Services program, which provides career counseling, training, academic guidance, classroom training and job placement.

• $ 20,000 for the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) to support the NAYA Gala and Auction in Portland, Ore., The largest celebration of National Native American Heritage Month in the Pacific Northwest. NAYA is the cultural hub of the Native American community of Portland, providing culturally appropriate services and programs to youth, families and seniors.

• $ 10,000 for the First Americans Museum’s Native Color Guard Demonstration to support the museum’s demonstration on Veterans Day 2021, as well as to provide free professional development for those working with serving members, veterans and supporters. military families on the cultural significance of warriors in Native American communities.

Over the past three years, Boeing has invested more than $ 2.6 million in organizations supporting Native American and Indigenous communities in the United States, bringing the company’s global support to Indigenous people over the same period to 3, $ 3 million.


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