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We, members of the Humboldt Asians and Pacific Islanders in Solidarity (HAPI) Steering Committee, write enthusiastically in support of the proposed name change from Patrick’s Point State Park to Sue-meg State Park (“State Parks Seeks Public Input on Patrick’s Point Name Change to Honor the Yurok Tribe ”, posted September 10). We are the founders of HAPI, formed “to build and empower our community by amplifying, supporting and encouraging diverse voices and perspectives to foster a more engaged and inclusive community”.

Part of our work to break free from oppressive structures and systemic racism is illuminated by highlighting and reconciling racist acts of the past, and by sharing the facts of revisionist history. The proposed park name change – to honor a Native American murderer, instead of affirming the place name Yurok used by ancestral indigenous peoples who have lived in the area for thousands of years – is a significant recognition of the original peoples of the region who have overcome the terrible injustices suffered for hundreds of years, and promote the reconciliation of these past acts towards a more equitable future.

HAPI recently supported a local project to educate the public about the expulsion of Chinese from the North Coast in the late 1800s, which decimated the Chinatown community that had existed in Eureka and heightened the hostile tone of the environment. social and political for people of Asian descent for more than half a century – which, unfortunately, is in part still present today. The name of our group ends with “in Solidarity”. It is in keeping with HAPI’s vision that we stand in solidarity with our Indigenous sisters and brothers and wholeheartedly support the park’s renaming to Sue-meg State Park.

Terry Uyeki, McKinleyville


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