Jack Osbourne engaged to interior designer Aree Gearhart


By Oreoritse Tariemi December 31, 2021 | 11:23 a.m. Jack Osbourne proposed to his two-year-old girlfriend Aree Gearhart. The Fight Club star took to Instagram on Thursday to share that he posed the question to his more than two-year-old girlfriend, Aree Gearhart. “Today I asked the most beautiful and loving woman I have ever met to marry me. She said yes !! ”… Jack Osbourne got engaged to Aree Gearhart | Instagram Jack Osbourne proposed to his two-year-old girlfriend Aree Gearhart. The Fight Club star took to Instagram on Thursday to share that he posed the question to his more than two-year-old girlfriend, Aree Gearhart. “Today I asked the most beautiful and loving woman I have ever met to marry me. She said yes !! “he captioned a selfie of himself and his fiancee, avoiding her beautiful ring as they posed outside in their snowy surroundings.” Life is a series of doors and I am so excited to take this one with her. She is truly a magical being with a heart bigger than anything I could have imagined, “Osbourne continued, adding,” Her skills as a stepmother fill my heart. I couldn’t be happier than I currently am. Osbourne has three children with ex-wife Lisa Stelly Pearl Clementine, Andy Rose and Minnie Theodora. The two finalized their divorce in March 2019. Gearhart also shared a photo of her gorgeous ring on her Instagram Story, and an equally touching and moving post, reposting the same photo her fiance shared. ”Today my best friend asked me to marry him in a wonderland of ‘magical winter’, wrote the legendary interior designer of the ph oto. I will love you forever and then some @jackosbourne. my soul mate, my adventure partner, my protector. I am ready forever with you + our tribe. Osbourne’s mother Sharon congratulated the couple on behalf of her and her husband Ozzy, writing: “Ozzy and I couldn’t be happier and more proud of our son Jack’s engagement to Aree Gearhart. We are so lucky to have Aree in our family and wish them a lifetime of love, light and happiness. Guardian Life 55 minutes ago, Quavo is being sued for allegedly beating a limo driver in Las Vegas on July 3. TMZ reports that the Migos rapper and his entourage were upset after the driver left someone else in their group behind when he picked them up. a club to bring them back to the Virgin hotel. In… 55 minutes ago Jack Osbourne proposed to his two-year-old girlfriend Aree Gearhart. The Fight Club star took to Instagram on Thursday to share that he posed the question to his more than two-year-old girlfriend, Aree Gearhart. “Today I asked the most beautiful and loving woman I have ever met to marry me. She said yes !! ”… 2 hours ago Arnold Schwarzenegger donated 25 mini houses to veterans and their pets to celebrate the holiday season. Fox 11 reports that the former governor of California paid $ 250,000 to purchase the structures located in West Los Angeles. On December 23, Schwarzenegger took to social media to explain the project. “Today I… 1 day ago Johnnie Walker continues to harness the power of creativity to inspire young Africans and awaken a generation of giants as he brings the ‘Keep Walking’ movement to life at ‘The Burna Boy’s Live Experience ”which recently took place in Lagos. 1 day ago, Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Swift filed a new lawsuit dismissing the lawsuit that accused her of plagiarizing a line from her 2014 hit song “Shake It Off”. Songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler alleged in 2017 that the 32-year-old singer plagiarized lines from their 2001 song “Playas Gon ‘Play”, written for … Music 3 days ago Alicia Keys celebrates being a freelance artist after being with her old label for 20 years. The American singer, who took a press tour for her latest offering “Keys,” which is the eighth album on her list, has been candid about various points in her career, including her ups and downs with her… 3 days ago Christmas is like this great film production where the whole world participates by having different roles and functions with elements that improve it. Feeling Christmas is not necessarily an emotion but a set of activities that we indulge in at this time of the year. This momentary happiness where reality is suspended and universally accepted.… 3 days ago Three members of the K-pop group, BTS, were infected with the coronavirus, according to their management agency. The group are the latest celebrity to announce that she has tested positive amid the worldwide spread of the omicron variant. The boy group returned from the United States to South Korea this month where they had their first concerts… December 25 “Peru, para; peru come dey para ”The Peruvian government has responded to Fireboy DML’s latest remix“ Peru ”which features Grammy Award-winning Ed Sheeran. The South American country made this reaction via its official Twitter account. The tweet hinted that Fireboy may have been inspired by the hit hit from… Dec. 25 First of all, a merry Christmas to your reading! The atmosphere right now across the country is exciting. And even in the entertainment capital of Lagos, it was raining concerts all week. Movie 1 day ago Ice Cube revealed on Wednesday that Friday co-star Chris Tucker turned down $ 12 million to reprise his role in the film’s sequel. Responding to a tweet asking if Tucjer has “quit for money reasons,” Ice Cube tweeted: “We were prepared to pay Chris Tucker $ 10-12 million to do it next Friday, but he turned us down on charges. religious reasons He didn’t want to… 2 days ago The African entertainment industry is about to receive a significant facelift in its fortunes and prospects, a sign that the great cultural renaissance that has long been the promise of the continent is finally about to come true. 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