Joya De Nicaragua Presents Cinco Decades “El Cumiche”


Every family has them. The youngest of the tribe who disrupts the collective or becomes the favorite; the one who, while being the youngest or the smallest, also embodies the deep aspirations and tribulations of the family; one that bridges the life experiences of a family. After five years from its initial release in 2018, Cinco Décadas now has its youngest incarnation, – “El Cumiche” – the 6th vitola to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Joya de Nicaragua. This secret blend will now be available in a 51⁄2 x 52 Robusto size with a box-pressed finish, a cigar that encapsulates the pure essence of Cinco Decadas in a small but flavorful expression.

This Cinco Décadas vitola is inspired by our history, our founders and the milestones of our five decades. Cinco Décadas is a cigar of unequaled elegance. Made exclusively with our premium extra-vintage leaves from our most exclusive tobacco collection.

‘El Cumiche’, which means ‘The Young’ in Spanish, celebrates the contributions and growth of JDN’s younger generation who are shaping the future of the company. “El Cumiche” is packaged in boxes of 10 units and only 1,200 boxes of the ultra-exclusive blend will be produced each year.


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