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From Charles Town:

You might like Trump, you might like Biden, but reading or listening to certain news media, which should be unbiased and report the news fairly and honestly, doesn’t happen. The media is hammering one side and sweeping negative news under the rug. I have lost all respect for certain newspapers and television stations. Please report true and factual news.

From Inwood:

Thanks for drawing in the Monday Journal. I totally agree.

From Charles Town:

Hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers mandated by Biden to be vaccinated by Monday or be made redundant. In addition, people made redundant are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are mostly issued by the state, not the federal government. When asked why so many people are not vaccinated, it is because they have seen the side effects of the high rates of heart attacks (71%), neurological problems and reproductive problems in the patients. Additionally, there are too many unanswered questions about long-term health risks. Government overtaking.

From Hedgesville:

President Biden’s untimely condemnation of the actions of border patrol agents is reminiscent of former President Obama’s intervention between a college professor and a police officer. It seems Democratic presidents are eager to find fault with law enforcement. Doesn’t Biden have better things to do, like making sure all Americans are evacuated from Afghanistan?

From Berkeley County:

If we are a free society in this country, we must take our personal responsibilities if we demand that the government provide free education, health care and equal pay. We lose our right to make choices, and then the government makes choices for us. We are currently on the brink of freedom as we know it. The opposite of freedom is known as slavery.

From Hedgesville:

Who does General Milley think he is for? The Paul Revere of Communist China? The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming! He had no right to contact the Chinese military and tell them that he would notify them when, if the United States attacked them. Any lower officer would be charged with treason. Do your job, President Biden.

From Jefferson County:

I wanted to thank the Journal carrier who delivers to Jefferson Avenue in Charles Town. She is the absolute best. I wanted to say “Thank you” for everything you do. God bless you and watch over you.

From Berkeley County:

He’s a president who lives in La La Land. All these debacles, and now he says he will spend $ 5,000 billion, but it won’t cost a dime. Maybe Hunter can sell a few more paintings and pay more of the big guy’s bills.

From Berkeley County:

We need a special day like Thanksgiving for caregivers who look after our personal needs and forgive when we are mean and the special companionship they provide. Bless them all and my family.

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