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The Kennedy Award race is apparently over.

A Huntington state lawmaker has declared a young man from – you guessed it – Huntington as a favorite.

It’s through five games – half a season.

Sean Hornbuckle wrote on Twitter: “Dear @wvssac, With the @hhs_highlanders currently # 1, I think (the young man) should be the favorite for the Kennedy Award. Made games in 3 phases of the game and a big kid. With all due respect to other elite student-athletes, he is the ONLY one. “

And here I thought the lawmakers were the ones being pressured, not the lobbying ones.

Thank you, however, lawmaker Hornbuckle for your interest.

You could tell he’s campaigning for the player.

As it was reported to him after a site called Barstool Huntington retweeted his rating, the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission has nothing to do with the Kennedy Award.

The Kennedys’ estate is owned by the West Virginia Sports Writers Association.

Sure, most of the organization’s dwindling membership will wait until the state semi-finals are over and carefully consider their options during the last week of November before making their selection.

Last year, Musselman’s Blake Hartman was, and rightly so, the overall winner of the state’s best practice football player award.

It has to be seen if the young man from Huntington who I am not naming at this point because he probably has nothing to do with this Hornbuckle campaign can follow in Hartman’s footsteps.

First of all, we don’t hand out these rewards for half a season of play.

And second, the price has nothing to do with the team that is ranked No.1 by WVSSAC five games in one season. There are plenty of weeks for the Highlanders to not finish No.1.

Maybe they will; maybe they won’t.

As for the youngster’s stats for a largely stat-driven prize, he entered Friday’s game with 15 catches for 407 yards and four touchdowns.

Oh, and a nifty one-handed grip he did was shown on ESPN SportsCenter’s top games.

That must be the reason for the uproar.

And that he plays in attack, in defense, in special teams and that he is “a big boy”.

How many other West Virginia football kids play offense, defense, special teams and are big kids?

How many of them also play in the band at halftime? Or sell popcorn in the concession stand during downtime

In time, we will know the identity of the Kennedy candidates.

Maybe some have an idea; others probably don’t.

Good luck to our young man from Huntington and good luck to anyone who may be mentioned in the discussion.

And congratulations in advance to whoever wins the Kennedy.



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