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Laura Panades

(CNS Local Life): Laura Panades, LLM Course Manager at Truman Bodden Law School (TBLS), has been appointed National Correspondent for the Cayman Islands for a leading academic journal. The Review of European law on public procurement and public-private partnerships (EPPPL) is a leading academic journal, “highly praised for the quality of its publications,” said a press release from TBLS.

The journal attracts contributions from academics and practitioners working in public procurement. As country correspondent, Panades will be responsible for regularly reporting on public procurement developments in the Cayman Islands.

She will also participate in the peer review of submissions from other academics to the journal before they can be published.

This appointment follows the publication by Panades of three reports on government procurement and public-private partnerships in the Cayman Islands in EPPPL. “The articles highlight Cayman’s achievements in government procurement,” Panades explained.

“This is a very important area of ​​government business, both in terms of impact on the citizens of Cayman, as well as ensuring that Cayman’s money is well spent. These articles put the Cayman Islands in the academic spotlight, for further discussion and improvement through dialogue. “

Public markets regulate the purchase of goods, works and services by the public sector. In the Cayman Islands, it represents 27% of the public budget (data for 2016), specifies TBLS in the press release.

Public-private partnerships are contracts in which the public and private sectors jointly provide long-term public goods, works or services and cooperate at several stages of the project.

Panades’ research addresses legislative developments in the Cayman Islands and identifies a few areas where further investigation is needed, the statement said.

This research will feed into the law school’s new LLM in International Finance: Law and Regulation, which includes a course on the law of public-private partnerships.

The journal is available online by subscription. Hard copies of the article are available on request from the law school library.

Mitchell Davies, Director of TBLS, said of Panades’ appointment to the journal: “These publications give further international recognition to the results of law school’s legal research. This is further proof that law school staff provide top-notch legal training on the island, delivered by tutors with a growing international reputation.

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