Looking beyond religion, ethnicity and Atuma challenges Nigerians


* Says young Nigerians must rise up to save the country Canadian-Nigerian actor, Pascal Atuma has advised young Nigerians to rise up and save the country by looking beyond religious, ethnic and tribal lines to vote in the 2023 general election. He gave the charges in an Instagram post to mark his 50th birthday. Best Black Actor in Canada 2021 said, “As grateful as I am, I also have mixed feelings because of the ill effects of tribalism, religious intolerance, bitter politics and corruption in Nigeria, my native country. We failed to reach our full potential mainly due to poor choices in the selection of some of our former leaders. “I encourage all Nigerians not to vote by religious, ethnic and tribal criteria by 2023, and the youth must rise up and save Nigeria. The elderly are almost close to their paradise; the younger generation should say no to the crumbs as our leaders bury Nigeria and the future of Nigeria before they leave.”Ethnic and tribal divisions are common in most countries of the world,” he said, stressing that unity is the ability to pull towards a common goal at a given time.Referring to how world leaders use tribal sentiment to appeal to certain sections for support, Atuma argued that the “weaponization” of ethnicity is widespread in Third World countries.” Evidence abounds that such leaders can hardly mobilize the growth and development potential of the whole country,” Atuma continued. “Our failure to unite our country has had a negative impact on our country. Therefore, ineffective governance is a direct result and correlate of tribalism in Nigeria. According to Abia-born Atuma, tribalism has contributed to the shortage of professional hands to build the nation. “Tribalism will raise paramount favors above rewards for good work done, creating a downward slope for gross domestic product (GDP),” Atuma noted. This, according to the University of Port Harcourt graduate, would accelerate impoverishment. To avoid this, he said, “We must eradicate tribalism. Let us unite the centrifugal forces of Nigeria beyond ethnic and sectoral sentiments in the selection of candidates for public office. “Development and wealth do not speak the language of ethnicity; growth and development speak a universal language. Therefore, if Nigeria can source the best men and women, regardless of tribe or religion, we will have a chance to rebuild Nigeria from its present ruins caused by years of confused ethnic politics and religion. “Together we can build the Nigeria of our dreams.” Speaking on his birthday, the talented coach said: “I am very grateful to see today, February 22, 2022, my 50th birthday. Allow me to express my gratitude to Canada and Canadians for for finding me worthy of receiving the award for best black actor in Canada 2021. I am incredibly humbled. Thank you to my agent Warren Beatty, my family, my beloved wife, my friends and my fans for their support.


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