Multi-Dimensional Blockchain Exploration by NebuDAO via Cosmic


A metaverse ecosystem with NebuDAO at its core has been established based on NebuDAO’s initial achievements in the metaverse sector. Through this ecosystem, the GameFi organization will continue to explore the metaverse while promoting its culture to become a recognized group. In this way, it can form an open, self-contained, and interconnected metaverse ecosystem.

Cosmic is the first blockchain game introduced in this NebuDAO ecosystem. This game is characterized by its interesting gameplay and deep culture, attracting many ecosystem explorers.

The Unique Bbackground by Cosmic

● Origin: Magic Land Revitalization

The whole planet was devastated by the war between the gods, as well as the extinction of humans, orcs, elves and Protoss, eliminating all animals and plants. However, recently there have been signs that some creatures are living in the Faraway Magical Land, which is gradually revitalizing the planet after thousands of years of chaos.

● Rise: the re-establishment of a new order in Cosmic

The planet is changed by the revitalized magical land in which species including humans, elves and orcs emerge, forming their own magical tribes. At the same time, demons and chaos monsters have also awakened, oppressing and intimidating other species to plunder precious resources. Moreover, they kill everything that is solitary. Thus, these evils and monsters are barriers for the survival of the warriors.

It is inevitable that heroic warriors will age as their tribes continue to expand. To build these tribes better, with the will of the elder warriors, their offspring develop the territories with the tribesmen in order to lead the tribes to survive on this land.

● Inheritance: vigorous offspring

Monsters, evils and rare resources cause the hero’s offspring to unite to grow their magical tribe to stay alive in this magical land.

In battles with monsters and evils, the soul of the ancestor inside his body is awakened. In this case, their own tribe attributes will increase after each battle. They can become superheroes after being rookies and middle class warriors.

Enable NebuDAO member consensus

At first, Cosmic was designed to form a consensus among NebuDAO blockchain game players, creating an open GameFi network connecting the real and digital worlds, based on the benefits of the organization’s members.

Decentralize assets with the help of DAO

Under the supervision of NebuDAO, a fully decentralized ecosystem can be set up by Cosmic. In this ecosystem, the information of all NFTs and tokens are traceable after being added on-chain. This can create an open and transparent blockchain gaming environment without malicious third parties.

Benefits for novice NebuDAO users

As NebuDAO’s first popular blockchain game, Cosmic is closely related to the development of the organization. Therefore, NebuDAO members can enjoy discounts when purchasing blind boxes or paying in-game fees.

Share traffic flow with communities

To build a multi-chain metaverse ecosystem of NebuDAO, it is currently confirmed that HO and ZEED will be integrated into the cosmic ecosystem. Users can earn benefits and interest in this game with the corresponding tokens of these platforms. Besides, more high-quality communities will also be introduced for the expansion of the game’s ecosystem.

Supported by more breakthroughs in the metaverse sector, a parallel GameFi ecosystem will be established with Cosmic at its heart. This ecosystem will be open and inclusive based on identity and economic systems. Other than that, the Cosmic upgrade will bring more sub-ecosystems and new gameplays with the same background and business models as the ecosystem. This is how an established metaverse ecosystem is built with diverse cultures and users interacting with each other across the globe.

Such a fantastic game is only part of NebuDAO’s exploration of the metaverse. The organization will continue to seek out high-quality projects for a more comprehensive metaverse ecosystem connecting all blockchains.

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