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INWOOD – According to a West Virginia State Police press release Thursday afternoon, a Musselman High School athletics teacher / trainer has been charged with suspected possession of child pornography.

Douglas Wilson, 63, of Artillery Way, Martinsburg, faces felony charges of distributing and exhibiting material depicting minors engaging in sexually explicit behavior and the offense of child eroticism, said the police.

Sergeant JD See, along with soldiers from the Martinsburg Detachment, responded to Artillery Way in Martinsburg and executed the arrest warrant on Wednesday, the statement said.

Wilson was taken into custody on the aforementioned charges and was brought to justice by a magistrate. He was released on $ 6,000 cash / bond, according to court records. A preliminary hearing has not yet been set in the case.

Police said on Oct. 17, Sgt. See notification received from a Musselman High School athletics teacher / coach revealing to Berkeley County Schools Investigator C. Ellwanger that he had been “scammed”.

“Douglas Wilson spoke to Investigator C. Ellwanger about financial problems, then got involved in a ‘scam’,” according to a roughly two-page criminal complaint filed in Berkeley County Magistrates’ Court which investigated the allegations against Wilson.

An interview was conducted with investigator Ellwanger on October 18, in which he said Wilson told him he had been scammed after viewing pornography from “younger” people.

The complaint goes on to say that Wilson, in his discussion with the investigator, made a comment about downloading something and “alluded to pornography and maybe worse and said he didn’t want to go to it. prison or lose his job “.

State Police executed a search warrant at Wilson’s residence, and several laptops were located and seized. A forensic examination confirmed the presence of child pornography and child eroticism.

One laptop contained 6,044 graphic files and one video file of allegedly exploitative content of identified children, according to court records. Additionally, police said there were over 38,000 results for the keyword search “youth,” many of which seem to suggest less than dismal interest in teenage girls, including many searches dating back to 2016 for “Pictures of naked girls”.

Additional information about the aforementioned scam in the court records indicates that Wilson was allegedly infected with a Trojan virus, which in turn, the other party issued a ransom against him. Wilson reportedly paid around $ 10,000 giving them his account numbers, gift cards, and then Bitcoins.

Wilson allegedly admitted to having “downloaded things he shouldn’t have had and also deleted them” on his laptop, court records show. When asked what he downloaded, Wilson reportedly replied, “It was bad. They were young.

The complaint goes on to say that Wilson said, “I live alone, I am single and I was weak.”

Finally, he would have indicated that he had not broadcast any element that he had downloaded.

According to the complaint, police asked Wilson what he accessed that led to the scam, and he allegedly indicated that he “could have been on some sites that he shouldn’t have been and that the scammer said he could see that he had charged $ 4,500 to a child pornographic material.

Wilson is said to have indicated that he fell into the scam because he had visited sites four or five times, according to court records. He also allegedly indicated that these sites were pornographic sites where he “may have” searched for “young or younger” by keyword.


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