My Wokingham launches climate action incentive for local businesses with tribe


The organization will participate in the United Nations Framework on Climate Change by working to protect the rainforest

Wokingham, UK – Berkshire businesses have a new incentive to shop with My Wokingham ( Businesses will have a direct impact on the global environment by working with the Community News and Business Platform. Every purchase on My Wokingham will automatically save trees in the rainforest.

Community News and Business Platform has partnered with One Tribe to protect the rainforest and reduce the carbon footprint created by Berkshire businesses. Local businesses can save five trees for every month they pay for a business page subscription with the My Wokingham Business Directory.

“We were looking for a good way to reduce our own carbon footprint and found that working with One Tribe gave us the opportunity to provide the same opportunity to local businesses,” said Nick Marr, Founder. “We’re looking to offer businesses in Wokingham a new way to be more sustainable just by adding a listing with us.”

My Wokingham participates in the United Nations Climate Change Framework. The organization has adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The program helps fight the climate crisis by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The One Tribe platform connects businesses and My Wokingham to various rainforest protection projects.

One Tribe tracks the impact of climate change in real time, giving customers the ability to see how they are improving the problem. My Wokingham will make a donation on behalf of each customer for each purchase made. One Tribe will certify all donations and transfer funds to climate change conservation partners.

The One Tribe platform connects My Wokingham directly with rainforest conservation charities. Every sale will help protect rainforests, indigenous tribes and biodiversity around the world. The charities One Tribe works with will then provide funds for on-the-ground projects to protect important rainforest lands and reduce carbon dioxide.

“Each company’s purchase funds rainforest protection projects that prevent carbon from being released into the atmosphere,” Marr explained. “By empowering customers to protect rainforests when they buy from us, we’re also empowering consumers to drive positive change.”

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