New mural to brighten up the city center



by Kyle Herschelman

A new mural will arrive in downtown Litchfield with grants from Walmart and the Big Dawg Dare committee, as well as community donations.

Jamie Stang of Stang Arts presented the plan to Litchfield City Council at their meeting on Thursday, September 16, which includes a mural on two buildings at the intersection of State and Ryder.

Stang said the purpose of the murals was to brighten up the town center and continue Litchfield’s beautification efforts. While the mural will be on two buildings (223 and 226 North State Street), it will be a continuous mural featuring a warm sky with a setting sun, farmers planting fields on one side and harvesting the other. Stang said the city will also receive a digital image of the mural as a work of art, which can be used for T-shirts, postcards and other retail items.

In addition to the new mural, Stang will also be applying a shiny shield / mirror to the new city postcard mural, which will help preserve the paintings for years to come.

The project will cost $ 7,700, which includes a $ 1,000 loyalty discount.

Alderman Ray Kellenberger asked why this location was chosen rather than a busier location near Highway 16 or elsewhere. Stang said there were several different areas that were examined, but she believes the one selected provides good visibility from a distance and will not be blocked by traffic or snow in the winter.

Mayor Steve Dougherty added that he believes Litchfield town center will be more used in the near future, especially when the new elementary school is built nearby. Dougherty also said the owner of the building, Cass Cooper, had given permission for the mural.

The board also approved the purchase of two sets of bunker equipment for the Dinges Fire Company fire department at a cost not to exceed $ 4,749.90, authorized Durkin Equipment to supply and install the power supply. uninterruptible power supply for the water treatment plant membrane system at a cost not to exceed $ 5,562.05 and approved the purchase of five Kasco Marine defrosters from West Marine for $ 4,475 for the Lakes Department .

A SEGA deal with Ameren was also approved for the electrical services of the Lake / Force Lagoon Main Lift Station project with an initial cost of $ 7,934.37, and payment to Ron Scheller for the exclusion of the bald -mouse at the Carnegie Building for $ 3,400.

Council went into closed session at 6:43 p.m. and returned to open session a few minutes later. They would approve two items: a motion to change the police’s budget for staffing, which would give them the power to employ 14 officers by adding a new officer, and a motion to adjust the market by $ 2,500 to the police’s salary. sewer collector.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m., with council scheduled to meet again on October 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Corwin Hall.



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