Oware’s book gets a favorable review in an academic journal


Matthew Oware’s 2018 book, “I’ve Got Something to Say: Gender, Race, and Social Consciousness in Rap Music,” received a favorable review in the February issue of Sociological Inquiry, a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal. .

Oware is Lester Martin Jones Professor of Sociology and Director of the Africana Studies Program.

Matthew Oware at the podiumReviewer Erik T. Withers notes that Oware’s study covers a wide range of rap artists – male, female, underground, and queer rappers – and “exposes under-examined nuances about how gender, race and sexuality structure gender in a unique way “.

The review stated in part: “The real gem of this text is its ease of instruction in undergraduate and graduate social science courses. This book would be a great addition to the playlists of race and ethnicity courses, gender courses, and even theory and methods courses. The appendix provides a clear and concise overview of how the study was conducted and how the data was analyzed, giving students a good example of how rigorous content analysis of culture pop is conducted. …

“Oware makes a very current and broad contribution to the understanding of contemporary rap and to the fields of racial and ethnic studies, intersectionality and pop culture. A must read for anyone interested in the subject.


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