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Gary Mason


The US House has passed a sweeping abortion bill that allows abortions on demand until the time of birth. The proposed law would eliminate any legal status of life for an unborn child.

Currently, thirty-eight states have laws on the book that recognize the right to life of a fetus. I am not a lawyer; but if an unborn child or fetus does not have the right to life under this proposed law, it would seem irrational to prosecute someone who intentionally or accidentally causes the death of a fetus.

Our current abortion laws also need a closer look. As stated above, thirty-eight states can prosecute an individual who causes injury or death to an unborn child / fetus, but that child’s mother can terminate the fetus at will without any consequences.

If a fetus has the right to life as these thirty-eight claim, and if a mother can terminate her unborn child as she pleases, does not an act qualify as internal murder of a fetus? ? When we start to accept exceptions to the law, where does it end? Laws should be prosecuted the same for similar offenses – the murder of a fetus remains murder, no matter who does it.

A few years ago, Dr. Kevorkian, the doctor who helped Induvial kill himself, was arrested for second degree murder and sent to jail. Today, states that recognize the right to life of the fetus do not prosecute doctors who perform abortions. Why not? Children are the future of our nation and the world. We have to protect them. If I understand correctly, term abortion is extremely painful for the child. If the law is passed as proposed, animals will have more protection against cruelty than a human child.

Today in our country there is no need for abortions on demand. There are contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, including the morning-after pill for rape cases. I understand that there may be medical reasons for aborting a fetus i.e. a dead fetus. A child conceived with consent must be brought to term and if the parents decide that they do not want the child, they can offer him for adoption.

It’s time to decide if all unborn children have the right to live in this country. If the answer is yes, then the laws should be applied equally to everyone, including mothers who request abortions and doctors who perform them.

I’ll leave you with a farewell thought; and if George Washington’s mother had aborted it or if Abraham Lincoln had been aborted or if your mother had aborted you.


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