Storms cause damage and leave debris


The deadly storms that swept through six states on Friday night, December 10, left grim reminders of devastation across much of Montgomery County.

Styrofoam debris, likely from the tornado that killed six people at the Amazon facility near Edwardsville, rained in Montgomery County as the first wave of storms passed through around 9 p.m. Amazon’s facility was directly affected by an EF-3 tornado, with an estimated maximum wind speed of 155 mph.

The facility is located near the intersection of Interstate 270 and Interstate 255 in Madison County, just over 50 miles from Hillsboro. The Montgomery County EMA, along with Nokomis ESDA, spent the weekend collecting evidence to forward to the National Weather Service to determine if the debris that fell here was indeed from the Edwardsville tornado.

According to The Tornado Project, the farthest distance a one-pound object can be transported by a tornado is about 100 miles. The farthest known distance a photo or piece of paper had ever been transported was just over 200 miles.

In southeast Montgomery County, a farm building that appeared to store vintage tractors on the James Herman property on the south side of Route 185, southeast of Coffeen in Fillmore Consolidated Township, was blown over and across the highway.

The Fillmore Fire Department was called to Berg Road and Sixth Avenue at 11 p.m. when a possible tornado took over the roof of a house. No one was injured and ten firefighters remained on site for three and a half hours. There were also downed trees and a damaged barn.

Earlier in the evening at around 8:05 p.m., Fillmore firefighters responded to power lines that were down.

Seven members of the Coffeen Fire Department responded at 11.53 p.m. Friday at 11.53 p.m. when power lines fell on School House Road and Dad’s Trail. They stayed there for two hours until the utility got the problem under control.

Nokomis firefighters were called to a power line on Taylorville Road at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Five responded and stayed there for an hour to direct traffic. Later that evening, four firefighters responded at 11 p.m. to a branch on Oak Street in Nokomis. The volunteers cleaned up the debris and cleaned up the area in about 10 minutes.

At least 30 tornadoes were reported Friday in six states: Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee, killing more than 80, including at least 70 in Mayfield, KY.


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