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Jake Kahane ’21, an economics student at the College of Arts and Sciences and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and a Syracuse Abroad alumnus on several programs, was recently published in the Journal of the Academy of Economics and Finance.

Jake kahane

The idea for “Rip it like Rapinoe: A Study on How Gender Equality Can Change the Face of World Soccer” was born in the fall of 2017, when Jake spent his very first academic semester in Europe as part of the Discovery Madrid program. for the first year. students. His father, Leo Kahane, remembers that “when he flew to Madrid at the age of 18, we were worried that our son would be spending his first semester as a student in a foreign country. . But it turned out to be one of the best experiences of his four years as a student in Syracuse. He came back a different person, more mature and confident.

Amalia Yrizar, Deputy Director at Syracuse Madrid, recalls her time with Jake and the impact he had on campus. “His broad smile and interest in learning, exploring and understanding the environment made him a very special student. He also excelled in the classes he took, especially in the history class I teach where he mingled with upper class students. As a teacher, I found no academic difference between him and them.

Passionate about sports, Jake took advantage of his stay in Spain to attend several football matches (i.e. football matches). He also started a fun tradition of collecting local team jerseys wherever he went and snapping a photo with the sports equipment near each city’s iconic landmark. Yrizar “will never forget the long hours Jake spent in our office talking about football with our staff and, of course, wearing his jersey collection.”

Watching football abroad, Jake has become increasingly curious as to why the US men’s team seems unable to compete with its European counterparts, when American women regularly dominate the pitch. After returning to the United States and debuting on the Syracuse campus, Jake met Rodney Paul, director of the Sport Analytics program and professor in the Department of Sport Management at the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. Paul encouraged Jake to explore his curiosity and supported him in writing an article on the matter.

The paper performs a comparative analysis of gender equality and sport in several countries. Using indicators such as the Gender Gap Index, labor force participation, life expectancy, and education, Jake performed mathematical regressions to suggest that increased gender equality within a country leads to an improvement in the performance of its national women’s football team. Paul recalls that Jake “was a pleasure to work with – not only was he dedicated to his project, but it was also evident how deeply he cared about it”.

Jake thought sophomore writing would be the end of it, but then found his way back abroad in the fall of 2019. While spending his semester at Syracuse Florence, Jake had the opportunity to expand his series. “Landmark Jersey” while going to more matches in Italy. Amy Kleine, Assistant Director of Health and Wellness, says “Jake embodies the type of student we hope to have in our overseas programs in so many ways. Besides being incredibly smart, open-minded and genuinely concerned about others, he made it his mission to immerse himself in the local culture and, in particular, to follow the world of football in Italy / Europe. While studying in Florence, Jake fell in love with sports again and decided to push his original article towards something more substantial.

Jake kahane

After receiving positive feedback during a presentation at a conference in Atlanta, Jake continued with the post. The Journal of the Academy of Economics and Finance is a peer-reviewed journal publishing selected research at its annual meetings. The journal focuses on the intersection of economics and finance, and is particularly interested in work that occupies a particular niche in these areas. Jake’s use of economic research and a gender perspective to explain the global sports market is a good example of interdisciplinary and relevant scholarship in the real world. According to Paul, “Jake has great economic and athletic acumen and his natural curiosity and inquisitive nature make him a natural for research. He had the opportunity to showcase his skills in economics, statistical models and writing and the publication of his work was an excellent culmination of the process.

Throughout his senior year, Jake has maintained his relationship with European football not only through the publication process, but also through his ties to Syracuse overseas. He is one of the university’s global ambassadors, sharing his experiences with other students, including his memories of kayaking in downtown Stockholm at the Syracuse London Signature Seminar on Sustainability and Environmental Justice. He has mentored discovery groups in Madrid and Florence, and during his final undergraduate semester, Jake became a Study Abroad alumnus four times while taking one of the Abroad @ Home courses. of Syracuse.

Kleine says, “It’s no surprise to me that Jake has continued to use what he learned abroad and produce this outstanding article in his field of study.



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