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Brandon Angel


Alex Mooney is to be congratulated on his recent vote to end US military involvement in Syria. The vote, on an amendment sponsored by Democrat Jamaal Bowman of California, would have required the executive branch to withdraw US troops from Syria within a year if they could not get congressional approval for our war in run over there. Alex Mooney broke ranks with many of his Republican colleagues; only 20 other Republicans joined the amendment. Sadly, the amendment did not pass, but with over 140 votes it represented Congress’ most vigorous effort to date to end the unauthorized war in Syria.

Hopefully this is only a temporary setback, as this effort is what American policy should look like going forward. Bipartite support that goes beyond partisan political points and makes a real effort to end our endless wars in the Middle East. Politics is supposed to end “on the water’s edge,” and our members of Congress are supposed to do what is best for our country and, more specifically, our military fighting in these wars abroad.

As a veteran of the Army Infantry, having been stationed along the DMZ in South Korea, I saw our foreign policy applied at ground level. Many of my friends and family have been to Afghanistan several times, sometimes to the same bases for many deployments, and several times with exactly the same results. With the withdrawal from Afghanistan finally over, our members of Congress should support the withdrawal of other countries from the Middle East, as this amendment attempted to do.

August 8 of this year marks seven years since the international coalition, mostly led by the United States, began bombing Syria in an attempt to overthrow Syrian dictator Assad and defeat ISIS forces there. low. Our goals in Syria have always been unclear – Assad and ISIS are deadly enemies, yet we are fighting both at the same time. Additionally, ISIS has now been defeated with the help of other American enemies such as Iran and Russia. Since Assad appears firmly in power, prolonging the war there only prolongs the agony of Syrian civilians.

More importantly, having boots on the ground puts our military at risk. We currently have around 900 troops stationed in Syria, and during the summer combat months of this year our troops were hit on the 7th by a drone and rocket attacks on June 28th. These attacks continue to put Americans on the ground in danger of repeating the Afghan crisis and should not be acceptable moving forward.

In support of this amendment, Alex Mooney is trying to improve American foreign policy by ensuring that the Americans are not on the ground in Syria. He is ready to work with the Democrats to deliver an effective plan. Biparty measures like this show that DC’s partisan nature is not always the case. More Republicans should commit to making sure our military stands up for American interests, not being the world’s police force.


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