Tambuwal seeks presidential collective, above zoning, other considerations


Sokoto State Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal reiterated that the task of running for president and then leading the office is not based on quest zoning and other isolated clues, but on the collective interest of all the inhabitants of the country whose existence and subsistence is at stake now. According to Tambuwal, Nigeria is on the brink of collapse, thus requiring the common will of all to prevent it from collapsing completely. The governor said so on Sunday when concerned citizens of Nigeria bought him N40 million forms to express his interest in running for the number one position in the country next year under the auspices of the Democratic Party. popular (PDP). “As our situation is in Nigeria today and in times like this, when the situation is so dire and the country is in distress, members of that community or country must come together and put aside all the differences they have in saving the country.” This calls for all the concerted efforts of all concerned citizens to join hands to save it from impending collapse,” he said. of the Naira, insecurity, corruption, economic downturns, unemployment; inflation and all failing aspects of life, the Governor said his candidacy for the post of President is not an overbearing ambition, but a quest informed by the need to save the country from its quagmire.He explained that after foreseeing what later became the catastrophic failure of the mismanagement of the All Progressives Congress (APC) some two years after he arrived in power, him and s he allies left the party for the PDP. And, now, he stressed, “it behooves us as leaders, as responsible leaders of this country, to come together once again to save Nigeria. It would be a shame for Nigeria if APC remained in charge of business after 2023. “Things are going from bad to worse. This situation that challenged us to work to change the flawed APC government at the center has not changed. Things are rather going from bad to worse,” he said. Noting that running for president is a “collective thing,” he said “no individual can do it alone. No zone can do it alone. No state can do it alone. No tribe can do it alone. No member of a particular religion can do this alone. “Nigeria is our common heritage. It is our country. We must all be active to save our country,” he said. He expressed his gratitude to the group who presented him with the forms they brought and assured them that he will make his position known after concluding his ongoing consultation on the matter. “You are right. I have friends from all over this country. You are right. I understand the federal structure of this country. I quite appreciate the complexity of the Nigerian state. I have the required experience , by the grace of God, to apply for the office of president. “As I said, I am still in consultation. I will get back to you after my consultation very soon,” he said. , Mr Akinboro (SAN) said they bought the form for the Governor in recognition of his sterling and the need to save the country from its current bad situation Describing the Governor as a young, active, agile Nigerian and detribalized, with no zealous attachment to his faith, Mr. Akinboro added that he is a person of integrity who can be trusted to move the country forward.


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