The academic journal accepts the “feminist Mein Kampf”



Three self-proclaimed liberal scholars have been given the academic green light for a rewritten version of Adolf Hiter’s Mein Kampf by a leading feminist journal.

“We rewrote a section of Mein Kampf as intersectional feminism and this journal has accepted it,” James Lindsay said in a YouTube video revealing a year-long project he worked on with other self-proclaimed academics from left, Peter Boghassian and Helen Pluckrose. .

The trio submitted 20 articles with nonsense and “morally fashionable political ideas” to major peer-reviewed academic journals exposing a corrupt political agenda in areas such as women and gender studies, race, queer studies and cultural studies, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The summary of Mein Kampf’s feminist version reads: “Feminism that emphasizes individual choice, responsibility, female action and strength can be countered by a feminism that unites in solidarity around the victimization of the most marginalized women in society. “

The article was based on a rewrite of Mein Kampf’s Volume I Chapter 12, in which Hitler laid out a multi-point plan of why the Nazi Party was needed and what it demanded of its members.

The article was accepted after being peer reviewed by Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, which analyzes gender inequalities.

Affilia’s co-editor wrote: “Reviewers support the work and noted its potential to generate important dialogue for social workers and feminist academics.

The trio experienced the hoax as a call to their progressive counterparts and minority groups to think for themselves and analyze the work coming from academia.

“There’s this kind of religious architecture in their minds where privilege is a sin. Privilege is bad, ”Lindsay said,“ and they identified education as the place where it needs to be fixed. “

Here is part of “Our Struggle Is My Struggle: Solidarity Feminism as an Intersectional Reply to Neoliberal and Choice Feminism,” which alludes to Hitler’s work in the title itself:

“In other words, if more feminists had, rather than being distracted by choice seductions, the trinkets of neoliberalism, or male approval, had relentlessly guarded the interests of the oppressed, especially those dominated by the racism, colonialism, imperialism, ableism, homophobia, classism. , and all the other forms of oppression which cut across feminism and if in terms of the overhaul of society more feminists had confessed their commitment against all oppressions with equal intensity by defending their desire for feminine choice, and if with equal steadfastly they had demanded justice for all those who are oppressed by the systems of power, today we would most likely have equality. “

They point out that this type of “biased research” would not be accepted in any other industry, but is pervasive in higher education.

“This is of deep concern as the work of grievances specialists is then taught in classrooms, to design educational programs, to be picked up by activists, to influence the way the media is produced and to misinform journalists and politicians. the true nature of our cultural realities, ”said Lindsay.

The trio point out that, if you accept that “whiteness” and “masculinity” are problematic, you can come up with many “nasty arguments” as long as you “frame it in terms of overriding privilege.”



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