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September 20, 2021 – Sugarland, Texas – It’s style, class, art in motion, expression, an outlet, a friend, it’s love; that’s life. It is the evolution of skating. In her four-volume series, The Evolution of Skating, Amirah Palmer offers a look at a culture that for so many skaters began at the age of seven and has not yet ceased.

“This project was born out of love and is divinely guided,” says Amirah Palmer, a full-fledged intermediate skater. “It’s a way for us [skaters] to record our story by telling our own stories unchanged. The evolution of skating it’s our voices that collectively share our passion for this little thing called roller skating.

The evolution of skating, a three-time Amazon # 1 international bestseller, is a collaboration of tribal members of the skate world. It’s kind of a journey, detailing the introduction, acceptance, growth, and mastery of the art and skills of roller skating. It’s the evolution of the skater. In each of the four volumes, skateboarders – legendary and new – DJs, event coordinators, videographers, skate critics and rink owners share their stories of how skate culture has changed their lives. The evolution of skating tells the story of this fun, family-friendly, thrilling, lively and at times gritty subway, but a well-known phenomenon that has stood the test of time.

The evolution of skating (Volume 1: 979-8711206859, Volume 2: 979-8744834456, Volume 3: 979-8522604394, Volume 4: 978-1737846116) and roller skating is more than a fun experience. It’s a change of life.


Amirah Palmer is a skater, visionary, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Sk8rz Konnect, a platform for showcasing the skills and art of skating forms: rollerblading, ice skating and skateboarders. She is a decorated U.S. Army Veteran, internationally bestselling author, a graduate of the University of Maryland, and passionate about volunteering and helping others in the community. Through The evolution of skating series, Palmer hopes to unify each genre of art under one platform to connect, see and encourage skaters in their respective fields.

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