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International Association of Registered Financial Advisors

The academic research presented in the articles provides stimulating concepts and facts to our members and I appreciate Editor-in-Chief Dr. Benjamin Cummings, RFC® for his efforts to provide quality academic publication … IARFC Trustee Chair and CEO, Dr H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®.

The fall issue of the Journal of Personal Finance features intriguing research covering a wide range of topics. The articles included in the 2020 edition, Volume 19, Number 2 are:

  • Does Working With A Financial Advisor Reduce Financial Anxiety And Increase Confidence In Investing?
  • Financial anxiety in the Orthodox Jewish community
  • History of financial practices among Latin American university students
  • Finding the Next Big Donor: The Relationship Between the Financial Planning Horizon and Charitable Giving
  • Determination of the probable wealth range of a portfolio – without Monte Carlo simulation
  • Financial Analysis – Prepared for the Casey Family (November 13, 2019 – April 2, 2020)

Launched in 2002, the Journal of Personal Finance has gained in reach, acceptance and recognition among practitioners and academics. The JPF hosts articles from finance professionals and consultants on financial products and services, client relations, retirement planning, long-term care, practice management and business operational efficiency. .

Journal of Personal Finance Editor-in-Chief Dr. Benjamin F. Cummings, CFP®, RFC®, Assistant Professor and Program Chair of the Master of Financial Planning & Analytics (MFPA) at Utah Valley University wraps up his latest issue for Association and sends the following message. “Being the editor of the Journal of Personal Finance has been a journey of personal growth. I greatly appreciate the authors who submitted their work as well as the reviewers who freely gave their time to review the submissions we received. I am grateful for my time as editor and wish the Journal and IARFC continued success with Dr. Craig Lemoine, MRFC® of the University of Illinois as he takes the reins. Dr Lemoine will assume the post of editor-in-chief of the Journal from 2021 with the spring edition.

“Dr. Cummings has served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal in an exemplary manner over the past 3 years,” commented IARFC President and CEO Dr. H. Stephen Bailey, MRFC®. featured in the articles provides stimulating concepts and facts to our members and I appreciate his efforts to provide a quality academic publication. We thank him and wish him good luck in his pursuit of his academic career. “

For IARFC members, the JPF is an advantage and a source of continuing education credits. Members can take IARFC’s Journal of Personal Finance online quizzes. Two IARFC CE units will be awarded to members who score 70% or more per quiz.

To order a hard copy or electronic version of the Journal of Personal Finance, to learn more, or to view article submission guidelines, visit personal-finance / submission -directives or contact the editor. Register to take the CE quiz at the IARFC store.

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