The first Brandeis academic journal to join the JSTOR archive


Professor Laurence Simon, co-editor in chief of J-CASTE

JSTOR, an academic research platform and one of the leading sources of scientific content for over 9,000 universities and libraries, has invited Brandeis’ first peer-reviewed academic journal to join its archives.

Professor Laurence Simon has spearheaded the development of CASTE: a global journal on social exclusion (J-CASTE) in early 2020 thanks to a partnership between the Heller School’s Center for Global Development and Sustainability and the Brandeis Library. The open access journal advances peer-reviewed research on caste systems in South Asia and beyond, and examines the marginalization and oppression of religious, racial and cultural minorities around the world.

“We were delighted to receive this invitation to join the JSTOR Archives,” says Simon, who is the journal’s co-editor-in-chief. “Our selection is recognition of academics and librarians who advise JSTOR on the quality of our research and our growing reputation. We currently have thousands of readers around the world. Being archived in one of the most popular and prestigious digital libraries will dramatically expand our readership on castes and other social exclusions.

JSTOR provides free access to 2,000 journals in 50 disciplines and welcomes new journals to its archives by invitation only. J-CASTE’s editorial team and advisory board will publish the fourth issue of the journal in October 2021.


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