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A Greyhound bus that stopped at the Pilot truck stop in northern Corbin last Wednesday produced a record drug seizure of nearly 10 pounds of methamphetamine for Laurel County Sheriff’s deputies.

MPs arrested Katelynne M. Thomas, 30, of Ithaca, New York, and a 17-year-old from Brooktondale, New York, in connection with drugs, 15 guns and approximately 1,000 fentanyl pills who, police said were en route from Atlanta, Georgia, to Syracuse, New York.

According to the arrest report, at around 9:30 a.m., the deputies received an anonymous report that the passengers on the bus were in possession of illegal substances.

Detective Allen Turner and Deputy Jamie Etherton made contact with the driver and passenger and were granted permission to search the bus using a K-9.

“When everyone got off the bus, (Thomas) went to the bathroom and stayed for about two minutes before getting off the bus,” Turner wrote in the arrest citation noting that during the search, K-9 “Maverick” alerted to the presence of drugs in the bathroom trash can and a bag Thomas had in his seat.

After further research, MPs located a small bag of methamphetamine in the bathroom.

After searching Thomas’ luggage, MPs located the methamphetamine, as well as the guns and fentanyl pills.

The methamphetamine totaled about nine and a half pounds, according to Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, the department’s public affairs officer.

Four of the guns were reported stolen.

The drugs are believed to be linked to the cartels and were moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Syracuse, NY by the two suspects who were traveling in Laurel County and were intercepted by investigators of the Laurel County Sheriff, ”Acciardo said.

Acciardo said the previous record for a single incident methamphetamine seizure was five pounds.

The investigation is continuing and Acciardo said more arrests are expected.

Thomas was housed at the Laurel County Correctional Center.

The minor was handed over to the worker appointed by the court for decision.



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