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The population has decreased. Global temperatures have increased. Migration of people from destabilized regions has increased. Wind and solar power have provided the planet with all of its energy. On September 4, 476, Romulus Augustus left the throne of the Western Roman Empire and the world entered the Dark Ages, which lasted until around the year 1000. Now, 1,022 years after the end of the Dark Ages, as populations decline, temperatures rise and people move relentlessly across the planet, environmentalists are plunging the world into a new dark age of dependence on wind and under the sun.

Much of what environmentalists claim to be climate change is actually caused by incompetent, corrupt and ineffective policies often pushed by progressive politicians. California, which began this new dark age with blackouts and energy tensions, prioritized switching to wind and solar power instead of prioritizing grid infrastructure upgrades electricity and basic power supply. State power providers could not cover the costs of keeping their power lines in good condition for fear of being fined for not moving to “clean power” fast enough.

The reality, however, is that environmental politics is inherently Malthusian. The entire and entirely unspoken premise of this movement is that humanity must suffer for the planet to survive. Fewer of us must survive and those who survive must live in more miserable conditions to save the planet. Progressives will object, but few will see or hear their objections in the darkness to come. Either there won’t be enough power or it will be too expensive for regular use.

Wind and solar energy are not baseload energies. Base power is power that can be activated as demand increases. Wind and solar are inefficient sources of energy that depend entirely on the wind blowing and the sun shining. While environmentalists say batteries can store excess energy to use when wind turbines aren’t spinning and the sun isn’t shining, there isn’t enough lithium or enough batteries to meet demand in the reality.

In Europe, the continent has moved so rapidly away from its baseload electricity towards renewables that it has increased its dependence on Russia for natural gas. However, this winter, Europeans will die because of the continental embrace of environmental claims. Power will be rationed. It will be expensive to use. There won’t be enough. Instead of investing in nuclear, Europeans rejected it for a dystopia.

In California, its power grid is under incredible load. In triple-digit heat, people are turning off their air conditioners and lights to avoid overloading the system. A week after California mandated that new vehicles for the next decade must all be electric, the state insisted people unplug their cars or use gas generators to recharge them.

California has fewer than 600,000 electric cars, and they are already straining the existing power grid too much. The state does not have enough land to cover in solar and wind farms to provide the energy needed to convert all of California’s 38 million vehicles to battery-powered cars. The very environmentalists who demand that we use these energy sources would balk at the idea of ​​building a solar or wind farm in an area where it could threaten endangered species. Better to endanger human life.

If the United States does not begin an immediate nationwide expansion of its basic nuclear power capability, what is happening in California will spread nationwide. What happens in Europe will become a norm in America. We are about to enter a new dark age.

It is hardly a coincidence that just as superstitions grew in the Dark Ages, sophistical thinking and superstitions are spreading now. Americans embracing their inner chakras and healing crystals who think men can get pregnant are the loudest voices of environmental madness. They, God’s creation, now see themselves as creators and will create a hell on earth backed by pseudoscience and loud shouting about climate change to cover up their sophistry and incompetence. People will die and it will have been entirely preventable.

The blackout in America is a choice. It’s a choice that too many progressives make and impose on everyone, to our detriment.

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