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Charles Edgar

City of Charles

We have just returned from a “never to forget” day. September 11 was a horrible day for our country, for families, for the brave firefighters and police and all the rescuers.

Every time I watch the different clips and specials about this terrible event, I just cry, I cry for the families, and sincerely hope this never would have happened to these poor victims. Hearing and seeing the sad stories of good, innocent people brings back everything that is happening.

One of those “stages” showed a “reconstruction” of the first plane that crashed … I showed the inadmissible terrorists, yes, the terrorists, as they were plotting … and then they went. in the cockpit to kill the flight officers. The flight attendants, meanwhile, did what they could, until the last minute, before crashing into the tower.

For twenty years we have seen many of these specials on September 11th. I wonder, sometimes, if we had simply ignored the event, if many of us would continue to “remember” as compassionately as we do now. Of course, families who have lost a loved one still talk about it as if they were reliving it… and, I’m sure, they are. We lost several thousand Americans that day… but how many more victims, if you consider their families… wives, mothers, fathers, children and other relatives.

A parallel can be drawn with another tragedy in our country… one that is very similar to 9/11 is the millions of unborn babies that we have lost in this country, alone, to abortion. You cannot separate the murder and / or the murder of some of our Americans; and exclude others. Likewise, they are all equally precious in the sight of God.

Unborn babies died, not by the thousands, but by the millions; and the killing continues.

Unborn babies die as a result of abortions that are not and likely never will be shown on television. They, unlike the victims of September 11, are just hidden from view. Their tragedy is never remembered in our minds and hearts like the tragedy of September 11.

Unborn babies, unlike 9/11 victims, die without any reminder of the day they died.

Unborn babies, unlike many 9/11 victims, have no chance to escape or defend themselves.

Unborn babies, unlike 9/11 victims, have few family members who will mourn them or want to remember them.

Unborn babies, what happened to them and how it happened will never be described by the clergy of any religious denomination. Silence of the pulpits! Right after September 11, I heard at least 5 strong messages from the pulpit about September 11. And only one on abortion.

We pro-lifers, like those brave flight attendants and the guys from Flight 93, will continue to do what we can… until the killings stop. What we can do now is the following. We will be hosting a pro-life event on October 3 from 2 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Charles Town Square (courthouse) and Martinsburg Square (courthouse) near the library. Be brave and come join us!



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