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Visit www.journal-news.net this weekend to check out the latest episode of the Journal’s talk show, “Unwrite”. Hosted by Journalists Jess Wilt and Colin McGuire, the weekly series features conversations with some of the most interesting people in the Eastern Panhandle.

This week’s episode features a conversation with Katy Orr-Dove, of Orr’s Farm Market. While the Orr family has a rich history of farming in the Martinsburg area, the Orr Farmer’s Market officially opened in 1995, before Katy finally returned to the farm in 2007 to help run the operations of retail. Since then, she has achieved the title of General Manager of the Farm, and the Farm and Market has become a must-see for those who love apple orchards, pumpkins and everything in between.

With fall officially starting last week, Orr-Dove joined with Wilt and McGuire to discuss all the farm and market has to offer during this arguably busiest time of year. Among the things the trio talk about is how a typical day in Orr-Dove’s life unfolds, how difficult it is for her to take a vacation, her family’s history with the agriculture, if ever she plans to pursue another job, the bakery market and what it’s like to run a third generation business.

Below is an excerpt from the conversation. To see the full episode, go to www.journal-news.net, or visit the Journal’s YouTube page.

Wither: We know there are a lot of little faces eager to pick their pumpkins for the year and maybe go apple picking – how it feels to be in that atmosphere and see the children come in and families come to enjoy the farm?

Orr-Colombe: I think this is our staff’s favorite time of year for that reason. Many of our tractor, tour and tour groups and many of our entertainers love to see children’s faces. It really makes the hard work worth it, just to see the excitement – especially this year, because last year a lot of them couldn’t come. So, we are back on track. We have booked a good number of field trips to different schools and are delighted to see that everything is going again.

McGuire: Do you have a favorite element about everything you offer? Is there something that you, personally, are looking forward to the most?

Orr-Colombe: As for fall, I’m really excited to pick your own apples, because we’ve been working on this for years now. We have planted these trees for the past four seasons. We have planted and planted a special type of tree so that customers do not fall. They are not very tall; they’re on trellises and they’re absolutely gorgeous. It almost looks like a vineyard with all these trees almost everywhere you look. There are markings on each strain so people know what they are choosing. It’s been a labor of love so it’s really exciting to see the kick off. My dad passed away in October and it was one of his favorite projects he was working on. He was so proud of it. So I’m sad he’s not here to see it come to fruition, but we’re so excited to be able to see it come to fruition.



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