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LM Montgomery is best known around the world as the author of the iconic PEI novel. Anne of the Green Gables.

However, there is much more to his work – for anyone interested in learning more about the island author, UPEI has launched an online academic journal on Montgomery.

“There is already such a strong Montgomery community,” said Kate Scarth, UPEI chair of LM Montgomery studies and editor of the journal.

She said a lot of people do “amazing research” on Montgomery just as a hobby.

“It’s the readers and the fans. So we really build on that with the newspaper.”

Bringing the community together

The journal will bring together independent researchers and academics, Scarth said.

Most of the reviews are essays and that will be part of the review, but because it’s created as an online forum, more can be done, Scarth said.

“We can have pictures, we can have videos, we can have art,” she said.

Allowing images, art and videos to be part of the forum will reflect the community created in Montgomery’s novels, she said.

“The community isn’t just academics. And so we want a lot of people to feel like they can submit their work – their responses to Montgomery, whether it’s fan fiction or video. . “

Wider appeal for Anne

Scarth said she hoped the multimedia permission would help the journal attract a wider audience.

“The community is so important to you that Montgomery creates. It’s a community that you want to be a part of and it really appeals to you, ”says Kate Scarth, UPEI chair of LM Montgomery studies. (Matt Rainnie / CBC)

“I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t know who LM Montgomery was.”

A vivid memory for Scarth is arriving in Prince Edward Island when she was eight years old with a stack of Anne books and visiting Green Gables feeling like she’s part of history, she said.

What makes Montgomery relevant

Scarth said she thought Montgomery was so tough because of the characters she created.

“Anne is someone that many of us would love to be. She always knows how to woo people and the right thing to say.”

Scarth said Montgomery paints pictures with his words of beautiful landscapes and instills a sense of community.

“The community is so important to you that Montgomery creates – it’s a community you want to be a part of and it really appeals to you.”

The newspaper went online Wednesday evening and can be viewed online.

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