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Pierre Miller


Berkeley County has the highest growth rate in the state in 6 years, the highest cost of living in four years. If you buy a house in Martinsburg, the city pays the “closing cost (hundreds of dollars)”. It also offers many grants and exemptions.

The city formerly exempted elderly homeowners with very low incomes from paying “fire and garbage charges.” Only several qualified. Then a former city attorney said it was “discriminatory”. I wrote to the current prosecutor (copies on request) and directly asked him that in his legal opinion exempting elderly homeowners living below the federal poverty line from paying for “fire and garbage” was “discriminatory”. has been.

How many would be eligible? Of them? Three? Isn’t it a question of human rights, of social justice? Discrimination based on old age and low economic status? Where did jesus come from [He was a “blue collar” carpenter] hold this debate?

The city must now amend the city ordinance, or pass a new ordinance, or create a subsidy for owners of senior citizens living below the federal poverty line to be exempt from “fire and fire charges. ‘garbage’. Any of these housing subsidies for “closing costs” is greater than the income that will be lost.

Where are the defenders of the truly needy?


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