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Dr. TD Vitale


I originally composed this letter in July 2021. Recently I recorded a video for everyone to see on Rumble – it’s less than 5 minutes long.


I’m writing this because I’m tired of being lumped into one category. I am an individual. I made my decision early and not because of the whole list of “stereotypical” notions floating around, such as “white evangelical Christian clerics resist the most”.

I served in the US Air Force from 1985 to 1990. I suffered a medical condition in 1989 while packing for my new posting. It was neurological in nature. The cause of my medical problem was the mandatory vaccinations that all military personnel must receive. We receive a printout and a schedule indicating when to pick up these vaccines. For six years I suffered from constant headaches and took medication prescribed by the Veterans Administration. I have a VA disability for which I am compensated but not enough for the suffering my family and I have endured and now this. The bottom line is that these vaccines cause neurological problems such as seizures, etc. in some people who already have this type of problem. God helped me overcome this in 1996, but having suffered for six years, as a very young woman, I chose not to get vaccinated – that’s the reason. It wasn’t even for the fact that these vaccines are tested with aborted baby parts and use them in vaccines. However, it helped cement my decision. My eldest son has autism – led by mandatory vaccines.

I’m sure I’ll get the usual – criticized, hated, slandered, but remember – everything you write, think or say about me is overheard by Almighty God, recorded in heaven by His Holy Angels and you will realize it – here or in eternity.


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